1993: Presbyterian Church breaks ground on new building along the Madras Highway

 - June 17, 1993: Following 16 years in a rented facility, the Presbyterian Church has broken ground on land designated to become the home of the new church building, which will be located on the Madras Highway one mile from the Y in Prineville.

100 years ago

June 20, 1918

Every business house in Prineville furnished one or more men for work on the railroad Friday. Those who found it impossible to go or send their men, hired other men for the work. Many farmers and stockmen from the surrounding country were there with teams and wagons and assisted materially with the placing of ties. Prineville ladies surprised the men by serving ice cream, cake and strawberries at noon on the lawn at the A.J. Noble farm.

Last Saturday night, the meeting at the Club Hall for the purpose of organizing a juvenile orchestra proved very successful. Much interest was taken and it is sure that Prineville will now possess a well trained and efficient orchestra.

A community picnic will be held Sunday in honor of the selected men from Crook County, who will leave June 25 and June 30 for army camps. The picnic will be at the Charles Montgomery ranch seven miles west of Prineville and lunch will be served about 12:30 o'clock. The roads are very good all the distance and there will be plenty of shade on the bank of the river for everyone who wishes to come.

75 years ago

June 17, 1943

An air raid warden doing a good turn for his boss in the civilian defense organization opened the United War Fund campaign unexpectedly here today with a $5 contribution. The campaign wasn't supposed to start until fall. This is how it happened — so they say:

Norval Powell, reporting for duty during Wednesday Night's incident drill, checked in at the home of Chief Air Raid Warden G.S. Vergeer there were no Jap invaders in sight, so he swapped gardening experiences with Mrs. Vergeer. During the conversation, Mrs. Vergeer pointed out a row of carrots which had just been devastated by some invading animal burrowing under the garden.

The obliging air raid warden went home, got a gopher trap and set it in the runway where the row of carrots had stood. Then he checked in at the control center to report to the chief all quiet on Ochoco Heights and, incidentally, a trap set for the carrot thief.

"I'll give you $5 if you catch that mole," Chief Air Raid Warden Vergeer declared. Mr. Powell made a mental note that it would be worthwhile to catch moles at that price. In the morning he checked his trap and found a fat pocket gopher, obviously well nourished and equally obviously the carrot raider. Mr. Vergeer paid the $5 then Mr. Powell's conscience prodded him until he went to the First National Bank and turned in the $5 as the first contribution to the United War Fund.

50 years ago

June 20, 1968

Voters in the Prineville area will go to the polls Thursday, June 27, to decide the fate of the Central Oregon Community College 1968-69 operating budget for the third time. COCC officials have emphasized, that, contrary to rumors, the college has no tax base whatever and therefore no funds with which to operate the college after July 1.

Prineville Police Chief Mike Thompson announces that all alleys in the city will be bladed with a grader starting this week. Residents bordering these alleys are requested to remove all trash, equipment, debris, and materials from them, otherwise this matter will be removed or seriously damaged by the working equipment.

Prineville's own George Beechler won top honors at the Pacific Northwest Golf Association senior championship for the third straight year. This great victory took place last Friday in British Columbia's capital, Victoria.

25 years ago

June 17, 1993

An elderly Prineville woman was nearly the victim of a $4,000 charity fraud scam Friday, but an alert banking employee dissuaded the woman from following through with the transaction. The unidentified woman approached a Prineville Bank teller and requested a cash withdrawal to be sent via Western Union to an individual who said the cash was going to a Nevada charity center. The charity center is legitimate, but the name used by the individual requesting cash was not employed by the center. The Oregon Department of Justice Financial fraud division is working with the Prineville Police on the case, but no arrests have been made.

Greyhound Lines Inc. has entered into an agreement with Towne Pump and Pantry owner Bob Salmon, who will act as commissioning agent for the bus line. Towne Pump and Pantry will be a full-service Greyhound agency. Salmon's business fills the void left by former Greyhound Lines commissioning agent Michael Rostad.

A group of self-named "friends" are building a Crook County Habitat for Humanity. Habitat, "an ecumenical, Christian housing ministry," is not a giveaway, its literature states. Habitat homes are sold at no profit to selected partner families, and no-interest mortgages are issued over a fixed period. The group will need to raise $3,000 to finalize the covenant with Habitat International. Several fundraising activities are being planned.

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