Will raffle a 1999 Subaru and host a car show to help finance purchase of new van

PHOTO COURTESY OF CROOK COUNTY RODDERS - Stryder Doescher poses for a photo with his service dog, Keebler.The Crook County Rodders have organized a summer-long benefit that will feature an August car show at a local restaurant and a raffle to win a vehicle.

The approximately 55-member car club, which prides itself on giving back to the community, is once again raising funds to help Stryder Doescher, a young child who has endured a long list of medical conditions including epilepsy, congenital heart defects, and connective tissue disorder.

The Rodders helped fund purchase of Keebler, a service dog that alerts caretakers and others when Doescher is suffering an otherwise undetectable seizure or other medical complications. The club also organized a fundraiser that provided the young boy a wheelchair.

 - This 1999 Subaru will be raffled off to help pay for a van to transport Stryder Doescher to medical appointments.This time, the Rodders are hoping to provide the Doescher family a new van that will reliably transport Stryder, Keebler, his wheelchair, oxygen tanks and other necessities to medical appointments in Portland.

"It is hard to get (all of that) into a car, so they need to get a van," said Rodders Vice-President Lynn Arnett. "The more money we raise, the better van we can get."

The car club is raffling off a 1999 Subaru Legacy, with tickets costing $10 apiece or $25 for three. All of the proceeds from the raffle will go toward purchase of a van provided by Robberson Ford of Prineville.

Tickets for the raffle can be purchased at Mid Oregon Credit Union as well as Club Pioneer. On Aug. 15, the restaurant will host a Rodders mini car show in support of the fundraising effort.

"We will have a barbecue there, and we will try to invite some of the car clubs to join us," Arnett said.

The Subaru will be provided by Auto Clinic of Bend, which has donated cars to people in the past. One recipient was a couple whose car was stolen from the hospital during the birth of their child, and the other was Stryder's sister, Kasiah, who needed a vehicle to continue attending Crook County High School after the Doescher family moved to Bend last year.

"They added new tires and wheels, redid the engine and the brakes, and had it detailed," Rodders Secretary Mary-Ann Tomlinson said. "For a 1999 Subaru, it looks like it's brand new."

Auto Clinic of Bend was originally going to donate the Subaru to one of three people selected by the Rodders. But once they learned the Doeschers needed a van, the two parties decided to offer up the car for a raffle, and Auto Clinic of Bend donated a second vehicle that will go to one of the people initially for the Subaru.

The Rodders began supporting Doescher and raising money for his needs about four years ago, and even though he and his family have moved to Bend, enabling the family to be closer to where he receives medical care, the car club has no plans to stop helping out.

"There are few places you can go in Prineville where people don't know who he is," Arnett said.

"Just because he has moved, we don't see any reason to stop," Tomlinson added.

Though the Rodders support multiple causes in the community, helping Doescher is one they choose to make more public than the rest.

"This is the one we have been the most open with because we can't do this ourselves," she said. "We need help."

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