School district woodshop and choral teachers move on, new Dean of Students position filled

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Two teachers have resigned for new jobs.

The Crook County School District is working this summer to fill three licensed staff positions left vacant after some personnel changes.

Mike Shinkle, a Crook County Middle School woodshop teacher and wrestling coach, resigned from his job last month.

"He chose to resign," said CCSD Human Resources Director Sean Corrigan. "He has a job opportunity elsewhere that he wanted to take advantage of that allows him to be in closer proximity to his family."

Corrigan said the district has posted a woodshop/STEM elective teacher position, and they are trying to be flexible in order to attract skilled candidates.

If the district is unable to attract somebody that has licensure as a woodshop teacher, they may be able to fill the position with someone who has a Career Technical Education endorsement or with a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math instructor, Corrigan pointed out.

The district is working with the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission on how to license current employees who might be interested in teaching that elective.

"It might be where we use the shop to teach manufacturing/engineering or engineering technologies and be able to use the existing space and equipment," he said.

While the district is working to fill a popular middle school elective slot, they are also searching for a middle and high school choral teacher.

Hannah Moorman resigned as the CCHS and CCMS choir teacher last month.

"Hannah has done a great job. Her shoes will be tough to fill," Corrigan said.

He said band and choral teachers are harder and harder to come by, but the district is working to fill that elective position before fall term begins.

"I'm hoping that we can find a good one," Corrigan said. "We are currently in contact with a potential candidate."

The creation of a new position has resulted in a personnel shuffle at the middle and high schools.

Jake Huffman was hired for the newly created CCHS Dean of Students position. He resigned this year as the head wrestling coach and left his position as a CCHS special education teacher.

Huffman has the credentials of an administrator and will take on the low-level and medium-level discipline, attendance and tardies and will also work on programs to address and curb incidents such as harassment, bullying and fighting at CCHS.

As assistant principal, Rob Bonner has been handling much of the student discipline at the high school while also serving as athletic director. Now, Bonner will be a full-time athletic director.

"I don't know too many athletic directors at the 5A level who also have to do student discipline all day. He's been in a tough position, so we're hopeful that Jake is really going to take a big load off of him," Corrigan said of Bonner.

Bonner will now be able to focus more on athletic director duties, such as providing professional development for coaches, having more time to evaluate coaches, and working with them to improve their skills.

Jake Gonzalez will leave his special education teacher position at CCMS and take Huffman's spot as a CCHS special education teacher.

"He's going to take over not only his wrestling position but his special education position at the high school," Corrigan said of Gonzalez, who was named head wrestling coach this spring. At the high school, Corrigan noted, he will be closer to his athletes.

The district will then fill the spot Gonzalez left at CCMS.

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