Rifle season for buck deer, chukar and Hungarian partridge opened at dawn Oct. 5, 1968

 - Sept. 30, 1993: Crook County Health Department Director Connie Hoffstetter, R.N., left, demonstrates immunizing her willing "patient," Jessica Williams, while Debbie George, R.N., right, does the same on Jessica's older sister, Melissa. The two girls were being good examples to other Crook County children, who can take advantage of a free immunization clinic Saturday, Oct. 9.

100 years ago

October 3, 1918

The first shipment of livestock over the Prineville railroad was sent out Sunday morning by J.N. Williamson. There were five double-deck cars of sheep in the shipment.

Crook County is over the top in the Fourth Liberty Loan drive, over with about $7,000 to spare, and more subscriptions coming in every day at the headquarters.

Freight service has been established on the Prineville Railway, and at least one trip each is being made from this city to Prineville Junction. Regular service for broken shipments will be possible in a short time, but for the present, full cars only will be handled.

75 years ago

September 30, 1943

Schools, churches, theatres and other gatherings in Prineville were closed this week after a case of poliomyelitis was reported in the Prineville grade school. Dr. Elon Lee Wood, county health officer, held a conference with school officials Monday night and result was an order closing the Prineville grade school and Crook County High School Tuesday morning. Theatres had been closed earlier in the day at the request of Dr. Wood, and the scheduled appearance of a carnival attraction on Davison Field under the sponsorship of the Prineville Lions Club had been called off.

A.W. Helms has purchased the nursery stock of Gibbs Gardens and the five-acre tract in the Willowdale district occupied by Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Gibbs. Mr. Helms plans to continue to operate the nursery business established by the Gibbs here several years ago.

A warning to householders in Prineville to turn in applications for renewal of oil rationing allotments by Oct. 10 was issued from the Crook County OPA office today. After Oct. 10 such applications will have to be delayed until after ration book 4 has been issued.

50 years ago

October 3, 1968

High-powered rifle fire was responsible for two brief electrical interruptions in Prineville Sunday, Sept. 22, according to C.A. Boyden, Pacific Power & Light Company local manager in Prineville. Twenty-five high line insulators were struck by bullets, causing service interruptions in the city. Of the 25 insulators damaged, nine had to be replaced.

Oct. 5 will be a double-barreled opening for Oregon hunters, and the choice of targets will depend on whether the individual preference is for buck deer or chukar and Hungarian partridge. These will be the legal targets on which hunters will train their sights beginning at the crack of dawn on that date.

There is a mystery in the Post area. What happened to the driver of the pickup that went over a high bank into Crooked River near the Riverside Ranch last Monday? The pickup, belonging to the Main-line Ranch, had been taken last Monday night, without permission, by an employee. It was discovered Tuesday, partially submerged in a deep hole in the river. No one has seen or heard of the person supposedly driving it.

25 years ago

September 30, 1993

Crook County offices will be open to the public only 18 hours per week and county offices will close on Friday, beginning Oct. 4 in a cost-cutting measure made in response to the levy request failure. During Wednesday's special Crook County Court session, the court adopted a revised budget, which included a $71,000 cut in the sheriff's office. Besides the layoffs of two deputies, the cut means two part-time positions will be terminated, and the office hours will be reduced.

Although the Prineville Senior Center is due for remodeling, some scheduled improvements won't be made because a state grant is insufficient to cover costs. Improvements called for under the grant amendment made by the Prineville City Council Tuesday night, include a new heating component, remodeling the restrooms, replacing the dining room floor, roof repairs and installing thermopane windows. Sidewalk improvements and parking lot repairs will be deferred.

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