Andrew Pollack taken into custody after traffic stop in Penske truck in the La Pine area

A Prineville man was one of several arrested early last month in connection with massive illegal marijuana grows and manufacture of butane hash oil spanning multiple counties.

According to police reports, on Oct. 11, members of the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (CODE) team served a search warrant at 17521 Forked Horn Drive in Sisters. The action was connected to an ongoing, long-term investigation into the illegal manufacturing and sale of marijuana. Members of the Central Oregon Emergency Response team (CERT) assisted with the execution of the warrant. 

A large, sophisticated indoor marijuana grow was located on the property, which was contained in both a large metal pole building as well as within the primary dwelling on the property. A large, sealed structure had been built within the large pole building and was complete with an air filtration system, a self-watering system and also climate control features. 

As a result of the warrant, 4,368 marijuana plants in various stages of growth were seized, as was 196 pounds of dried marijuana and 4 pounds of BHO. 

The marijuana grow lacked any current permits authorizing the growing of marijuana at the Forked Horn address for either medical or recreational purposes. Sisters residents Shaun Gutta and Krystal Silverio, both occupants of the Forked Horn address and present during the execution of the search warrant, were arrested for multiple marijuana-related charges, including 16 counts each of possession and delivery of marijuana, manufacture of 12 marijuana plants, possession and delivery of a quarter ounce of unlawful extract, manufacture of marijuana extract, possession of ecstasy, and frequenting a place where drugs are used.

Both were transported to the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Adult Jail, where they were booked and lodged.

Evidence gathered during this investigation supported information that Gutta and Silverio were exporting marijuana product outside of Oregon.  

Consequently, on Oct. 16, members of the CODE team spotted a Penske Rental truck leaving the area of a suspected illegal marijuana/BHO production site. The truck was stopped just south of La Pine with the assistance of the Oregon State Police as well as a secondary stop on an associated vehicle leaving the same location. 

Inside the Penske truck, detectives located 957 pounds of dried marijuana, 66 pounds of BHO extract, more than 8 pounds of marijuana concentrate, and three BHO/concentrate labs. 

As a result, Prineville man Andrew Pollack and Dusty Jones, of Day Creek, were both arrested for possession and delivery of 8 pounds of marijuana in public and possession and delivery of a quarter ounce of unlawful extract. They were both lodged at the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Adult Jail. 

One day after the La Pine arrest, Oct. 17, CODE detectives served a search warrant at 17661 Suza Court in La Pine. Some of the evidence located at the address tied the Penske truck contents to that location, which consisted of the same chemicals used in the manufacture of BHO that were left behind among other evidentiary items. Additionally, a large, newly constructed pole barn was in the initial stages of set-up for a suspected large marijuana grow site. 

No occupants were located, authorities reported, and it appeared the property had been hastily vacated.

On Oct. 18, CODE detectives and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office detective division served simultaneous search warrants at 511 NE O'Neil Way and 5100 NW Canal Blvd., which are owned by the same individual and are adjoining properties north of Redmond.

As a result, an illegal marijuana grow was located in a ravine area of the Canal Boulevard property, which lacked any permits to grow either medical or recreational marijuana. Authorities said the grow was obviously intended to be hidden from view by the placement within a deep ravine. 

The caretaker for the property was not present during the warrant and has yet to be contacted. His name is being withheld by police for investigative purposes. Detectives seized 3,581 marijuana plants and 109 pounds of dried marijuana bud along with 22 firearms at the site.

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