Nearly 200 CCHS students harvested 55,000 sacks of potatoes 75 years ago, earning $5,500

 - Nov. 28, 1968: THE 9TH GRADERS of the Junior High showed their kindness to Jon Larson, who recently broke his leg in a football game, by collecting enough money to rent Jon a television set at the hospital. Miss Judy McPhetridge is shown here informing Jon of the gift from the class.

100 years ago

November 28, 1918

Anyone who had so far forgotten his calendar would easily guess just what season is here by looking into the shop and store windows of this city. Turkeys and "all the trimmings" are to be seen everywhere.

Dressed turkeys, undressed turkeys, turkeys in coops and gobbling; chickens fat and waiting to be cooked, and cranberries too! Gee, such big plump cranberries!

The change in the weather, snow and cold nights, adds to the popular idea of what Thanksgiving Day should be and the fact that the war is over, and over right, is lending more of the old-time spirit to the atmosphere about the marts of trade.

The articles on sale are the best, and prices in any instance are below outside offerings, although it will be several years no doubt before the old pre-war prices are all to be found again. Trade is not up to before the war standards, but is good and getting better every day, and as all restrictions are removed, the sky is the limit for Thanksgiving dinner.

75 years ago

November 25, 1943

The 197 students of Crook County High School who helped in the potato harvest handled about 55,000 sacks of potatoes and earned $5,556.15 doing it, according to a survey completed this week at the high school. Each student was asked to report on his harvest work and when the figures were added up some impressive totals resulted.

Absenteeism has become a problem in the high school here, as well as in some war industries, Principal Dallas W. Norton said this week in announcing stricter enforcement of rules against unexcused absence from high school. While the high schools of Oregon do not operate on a compulsory attendance basis, as is the case in the elementary schools, Mr. Norton points out that regulations of the state board of education recognize only three valid excuses for absence — death in the family, illness or necessary work in food production.

50 years ago

November 28, 1968

A Train-Truck collision at North Main and 10th Street found to involve the City of Prineville Railway train. Last Thursday evening, Vernon Glen Upton of Sunnyside, Washington, was the operator of a 1946 Kenworth Truck. There was heavy damage to the truck but very little to the caboose. Mr. Upton escaped injury.

Local high school senior girls Danielle Jones, Mary Knox, Glenna Hammersley and Barbara Battles will take a unique test in homemaking, the only one of its type exclusively designed for girls at that educational level. Scholarships to colleges of their choice will be awarded to both state and national winners.

Here's a follow-up on a recent Central Oregonian article on an Unidentified Flying Object. The CO interviewed the gentleman who first reported the flying saucer after he had been released from the drunk tank of the local hoosegow. He swore he had told the truth (among some other swearing). The next day he reported to Sheriff King about another UFO of the same description as the first: oblong, flashing lights, yellow, lots of windows and with many little people running around inside of it. There have been yellow oblong objects with flashing lights, windows and little people in Crook County lately; they're usually called school buses.

25 years ago

November 25, 1993

The Prineville City Council appointed former mayor Steve Uffelman last night to replace Paul Capell, who resigned his position earlier this month. Uffelman spent four years as a councilman in the early 1980s before serving as Prineville mayor from 1988 to 1992. He will complete the last three years of Capell's four-year elected term.

An injured elk hunter laid for four hours Monday afternoon in a rugged canyon of the snow-covered Maury Mountains before being rescued at sundown by four Prineville residents riding horses. According to the Crook County Sheriff's Office, a search and rescue party of about 30 spent most of Monday afternoon and early evening locating and rescuing 43-year-old Robert Gilman of Albany. Gillman was tracking elk near Arrow Wood Point when he slipped and fell, breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle.

The Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team broke up a significant methamphetamine distribution organization Friday and Saturday after searching residences in Prineville and Redmond, and arresting six individuals, including two Prineville residents.

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