Sheriff's Corrections Office seeks personal care items and clothing donations for a new clothes closet

With the cold days here, the Crook County Community Corrections Office is in the process of setting up a clothes closet for offenders in the community who may not have adequate clothing after being released from custody.

"We had a gentleman that got released from custody, and it was one of our first cold days out, and all he had was the clothes on his back and was in need of a jacket," said Crook County Sheriff's Office Community Corrections Director Brett Lind. "We tried to call around to find a resource place that was open to get him a jacket."

It was a Monday a few weeks ago, and the soonest one of the resources would be open was that Thursday.

"We need to have someone open five days a week at least," Lind said.

So, he and his team made a plan.

"We are trying to develop another resource for people to get clothes when they are in need," Lind said, noting that most local resources have limited operating hours.

They are collecting men's and women's clothes, shoes, jackets, scarves, gloves and hats that still have good life to them and are clean and not ripped. The Corrections Office is also accepting new and unused personal care items. They plan to put together care bags with personal care items.

Donations should be cleaned and bagged and can be dropped off at the Crook County Parole and Probation Office.

Lind said they will also accept children's clothing because some of the folks they serve have children.

They are currently in the process of clearing out a back room and collecting clothes for the closet. It will open in the next week or two.

"We are not only going to have this open to corrections offenders, we're actually going to have this open to everybody," Lind said. "If anybody is in need, we're willing to help them out with whatever we have."

He said the Adult Parole and Probation Office gets new releases every week.

"We see anywhere from three to five new releases every week, and most the people that get released do not have anything," Lind said. "We're also looking for some nicer clothes that they can use for interviewing, going out and finding jobs, so they look presentable, so we can get them re-acclimated back into the community and their feet underneath them."


Clothes drive

The Crook County Sheriff's Office Community Corrections is collecting clothing and personal care items for a clothes closet.

Drop off donations at the Adult Parole and Probation Office, located on the second floor at 301 NE Third St. in Prineville.

For more information, call 541-447-3315.

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