The 10 City of Prineville's Christmas Express train cars are being decorated for the Christmas Express 25 years ago

 - Dec. 2, 1993: The Crook County Parks and Recreation District has been busy the past week, hanging Christmas lights on a tree in front of the county courthouse and hanging banners along the city's streets.

100 years ago

December 5, 1918

Next Monday all freight destined for Prineville will be routed direct into this place via the Prineville City Railroad instead of being delivered to Redmond and trucked overland. It will mark another step in the advancement of Prineville, and while it has at times seemed to drag, in reality the accomplishment of this much is a great thing considering that the road was financed and built during the unsettled and turbulent times the country has ever known.

RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 29 – Stanley Morris, 28, of Prineville, Oregon, attached to a coast artillery company at Newport News, in jail here for the past month awaiting trial on the charge of pulling off a daring holdup job in Connell & Miller's hotel, escaped today while being taken back to jail after his case had been continued until December 20. Deputy Sergeant Paul La Touche, who had charge of the prisoner, shot himself through the hand while trying to stop Morris.

So far as Prineville shoppers are concerned, there is absolutely no demand for goods that were considered standard a few short years ago, especially at this season of the year. The well known and at one time expected "Made in Germany" is looked for today by practically all shoppers the merchants tell us, and instead practically all goods are marked "Made in U.S.A." instead. There is a good showing of Christmas goods in the stores and shops, and prices seem very reasonable considering the conditions under which the country has suffered for some time.

75 years ago

December 2, 1943

The Crook County School Board will hold its December meeting next Saturday, December 4, at the courthouse with a new member, C.C. Vice of Powell Butte, taking the place on the board recently vacated by the resignation of S.D. Mustard of Powell Butte. Mr. Vice will take the oath of office at the meeting, scheduled at 2 p.m. in the office of Superintendent R.H. McAtee.

The "open season": for the common cold and respiratory infection, with its many possible complications, is here. It will remain with us for the next five months, County Nurse Lucy Davison warned today. During this period, more man hours and days will be lost in non-combatant military areas, in industry, and in school than from all other sources combined.

There is enough musical talent for a good dance orchestra among cadets enrolled in the Portland Flying Service school here, but the boys haven't any instruments. This is the problem faced by A. "Satch" Bianchi, former dance band leader, who wonders if there are any unused band instruments available in Prineville which would be loaned to the boys. "Satch" headed a dance band in the San Francisco bay region before getting involved in this flying business, and he hates to see musical talent go to waste.

50 years ago

December 5, 1968

The high school counseling office is organizing an employment bureau for the benefit of students. These occupational opportunities will enhance each student's education, plus, issue valuable experiences in different vocations.

Deadline for Operation Sweet Tooth gifts has been set for Friday. Dec. 6 at noon. Many "goodies" have been collected for our servicemen in Vietnam and will be sent airmail early Saturday morning.

People passing through the streets of Prineville are noticing the Christmas decorations hanging from the poles on the streets. The metal candle-like decorations give people differing impressions, ranging from a feeling of the Christmas spirit to a criticism that the units look too much like stop lights hanging from the poles. They wonder when are people going to take pride in their City and get some beautiful Christmas decorations like the other cities in Central Oregon.

25 years ago

December 2, 1993

The City of Prineville's Christmas Express train cars are being decorated on the railroad tracks near Deer and Lamonta streets despite the rain and snow. Ten cars are being decorated for the Christmas Express, which runs Friday from Terrebonne to Prineville. The cars will be lit at 7 p.m. near the O'Neil grade about 20 miles west of town.

Funding to repair Ochoco Dam will receive priority status for the Bureau of Reclamation after Congress passes the Clinton Administration's national budget in January, according to Jim Mumford, the bureau's Safety of Dam's Branch Chief.

Members of the City Council's Public Safety Committee and four other officials met in front of Ochoco Elementary Wednesday afternoon to discuss West Sixth Street's one-way designation. Four cars drove up the street the wrong way between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. while the seven officials gathered at the northeast corner of the school building. The officials' visit to West Sixth Street yesterday afternoon was prompted by Tuesday night's Public Safety Committee meeting which was attended by 21 citizens.

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