Friendly competition between police department, sheriff's office, fire department raises money for local veteran suffering from prostate cancer

JASON CHANEY - The No Shave November winners from each emergency service department pose for a photo on the Crook County Courthouse steps. Pictured left to right are Martin Theurer of Crook County Fire and Rescue, Brandin Noland with Prineville Police Department, and Keith Knight with Crook County Sheriff's Office.

No Shave November concluded Friday morning on the steps of the Crook County Courthouse.

There, participants in a friendly competition between Prineville's three emergency service agencies gathered to learn who in each department grew the best facial hair.

The winners this year were Brandin Noland of the Prineville Police Department, Keith Knight with Crook County Sheriff's Office, and Martin Theurer from Crook County Fire and Rescue.

The three local agencies began their friendly competition, one that has taken place annually for the past few years, on Nov. 1. In support of Prostate Cancer Awareness, leaders of the sheriff's office and the police department allowed their staffs to grow beards/goatees for the month, and Crook County Fire and Rescue personnel, who are not able to grow beards or goatees for safety reasons, participated by growing mustaches.

To participate, members had to donate $20 to grow facial hair.

"It's a great program," Knight remarked. "It goes to a really good cause."

"It has been good to participate in an event that lets you donate to charity and grow your beard at the same time," Noland added.

Sheriff John Gautney, Police Chief Dale Cummins, and Fire Chief Matt Smith were asked to pick the best beard/mustache for their agency, and in some cases they receive some input from other department leaders.

"It is all based on my personal opinion of how it looks," Gautney said of his judging criteria. "It has to look professional and well-groomed — not all wild and sticking out in all different directions."

Police Captain Larry Seymour quipped that judging was based on "no bald spots and thickness." Meanwhile, CCFR Battalion Chief Dan Freauff said their judges looked for "a more classic" looking mustache.

The Crook County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Crook County Veterans Services office, located a local veteran who suffers from prostate cancer. All of the money raised during this fundraiser will be given to the veteran, Mike Shane.

The emergency service agencies raised $1,230 for the Shane family. After meeting with participants and posing for a photo with them, Shane donated part of the money back to the sheriff's office and another portion to the Holiday Partnership, a multi-organization effort that collects food and gifts for local people in need during the Christmas season.

"It is truly an honor for all of the veterans, not just me," Shane said. "It is an honor to be recognized like this."

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