Three churches co-host the program on Dec. 17 that looks to help those who are dealing with sadness

For those who may be a bit blue this Christmas season, there is hope.

Three congregations are co-hosting a service called Still...Still...Still on Monday evening, Dec. 17.

"This service realizes that the holidays sometimes come with a long shadow of heartache or regret or sorrow," said Prineville Presbyterian Church Pastor Mike Wilson.

The service is a joint ministry of Prineville Presbyterian, Our Savior's Lutheran and St. Andrew's Episcopal churches. It begins at 7 p.m. Dec. 17 at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Prineville.

Wilson said the service is the honest acknowledgement that the Christmas holiday doesn't always have only just hope and joy in it.

"Sometimes, there's some real heartache and sorrow," he said. "The idea is that through the service people will know that the Christmas story of God becoming one of us and one with us gives us assurance that God loves us beyond understanding and loves us beyond any complications that come in the realities of life."

Since Still...Still...Still is a shared ministry, people from the three churches and the larger community will lead the service.

"We take time to acknowledge seven areas in life that sometimes can include a lot of disappointment or heartache," Wilson said. "We have some scripture. We have some poetry. We have some music, and we have silence at each of those seven points."

They will light seven different candles and offer a prayer, scripture or poetry at each candle.

One candle will be lit in memory of those who have died. Another is for people struggling with any kind of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. Other candles are for financial concerns; addiction; broken relationships; consequences of war and violence; and those who feel estranged from God.

"We read scripture, but we have one or two secular poems that are very God-oriented," Wilson said.

The Still...Still...Still name of the service reflects that in stillness, God's assurances can be heard again.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

"If they feels like there's no Hallmark Christmas card that sums up their situation because of the realities of life, this is for them," Wilson said.


Date: 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 17

Location: Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 695 NW Third St., Prineville

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