Two shipments of whiskey were seized by Crook County deputy sheriffs 100 years ago

 - Dec. 23, 1993: Tom Travenia and his daughter, Kimberely, take in the Grimes Christmas Scene last night.

100 years ago

December 26, 1918

Two shipments of whiskey from California, one a consignment of two barrels of bottled goods, the other a shipment of several cases of whiskey, were seized by deputy sheriffs this week and are reposing innocently at the county jail, while the authorities are busy collecting information sufficient to justify arrests of parties suspected of bringing in the case goods.

Wm. Gibson was taken into custody charged with the crime of illegally possessing the barrels and was released on a cash bond of $200 on Monday. Mr. Gibson was arrested at his Maury mountain ranch by deputy sheriffs Ray Putnam and J.H. Gray after the authorities found the barrels in his wagon on the premises. His trial will be held in this city in a few days, before Judge Woman.

No arrests have been made in the matter of the case goods, although the authorities have some good evidence and are collecting information from California authorities to assist them in the location of the guilty parties. The cases were brought in by automobile and were left near the road a short distance from the city where they were discovered by Deputy Sheriff Rowell and brought into the city before any of the bottles had reached their final destination.

75 years ago

December 23, 1943

Two ten-year-old boys who went skating on Crooked River Wednesday afternoon spent a chilly night stranded on the wrong side of the river. The boys were found about 9:30 this morning little the worse for their experience. The two boys went skating on the river below Prineville and landed on the opposite shore of the river when a piece of ice on which they were skating broke loose and drifted downstream. Not knowing how to get back across the river, the two boys camped out where they were, building a small fire and waiting for daylight.

The annual Christmas banquet of the Houk Motor company "family" in Bend, Redmond and Prineville was held at the Dinette here last Saturday night, with 45 members of the staff and their families attending. P.M. "Mae" Houk of Redmond was toastmaster. At the banquet the service records of many old-timers in the organization were mentioned, several members of the group having been with the company nearly 20 years, among them being Ray Moore, manager of the Houk Motor company here.

50 years ago

December 26, 1968

Ron Chadwick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Royce Chadwick, emerged as the winner of the Elks annual free throw contest held last Saturday. Ron will be entered in the Elks state free throw contest at Corvallis on January 25, 1969. Winner of the state contest will win a trip with the Oregon State Beavers basketball team, on one of their California trips.

Bids will be received by the Oregon State Highway Commission on Thursday, January 9, in Salem, for 12 projects totaling approximately $1,527,000. The project in Crook County involves grading and paving on the Swartz Canyon-Rocky Canyon section of the Crooked River Highway, about 10 miles south of Prineville.

Lyle Womack, a local resident who once summered at the South Pole, was a guest speaker at Crooked River school on Tuesday, Dec. 17th. He spoke to the Room 11 and 9 sixth grade reading groups about his experiences in 1928 on Admiral Byrd's first venture to Antarctica. Both reading groups had recently read about Byrd's second expedition in their literature readers.

25 years ago

December 23, 1993

Two recent fires in Prine-ville have resulted in at least $830,000 in losses, according to the Prineville Fire Department. The Clear Pine Mouldings' office building fire last Thursday morning was determined to be caused by a light fixture that shorted out due to water that had leaked trough the roof over a long time, according to the Prineville Fire Department.

A county-wide address signage program, similar in design to ones used in Deschutes and Jefferson counties, will be implemented by the Prineville Fire Department next fall and continue through 1996. Under the next county addressing ordinance, every dwelling in Crook County will be required to have an address sign posted in a prominent place near the primary access road. Although dwellers can opt to display their own signs, the address sign must meet Uniform Fire Code standards. The green signs with white numbers that will be distributed by fire department volunteers meet these standards. The cost of each sign will be paid by the land owner. There also will be a voluntary $2 fee for installing the sign.

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