A new state grant will enable the Crook County Parks and Recreation District to continue upgrades to the park, including paving and repair and protection of in-ground electrical lines

 - Renovation work at the Crook County RV Park (above) began five years ago and includes upgrades to the RV site water supply as well as the sewer pipes, both of which were damaged by tree roots.

Crook County Parks and Recreation District's Executive Director Duane Garner was pleased to learn recently that they will have funding to continue upgrades to the county RV park.

The state grant will provide nearly $250,000 to the parks district, and with a nearly $83,000 match from CCPRD, the district will have close to $333,000 with which to work.

Located off of South Main Street, the RV park, which is open year-round, offers 81 RV spaces, two log cabins, a club house, a coin-operated laundry facility and nine tent sites. The facility is owned by Crook County but managed by the parks district.

Upgrades to the RV park began in 2014 when CCPRD and county leaders determined the facility was in need of several major repairs. Garner explained that some Oss willow trees planted at the park when it was built in 1995 had caused some major problems above ground and below.

"They are fast-growing trees," he said. "They provided a lot of shade and they were really beautiful, but they dropped limbs like crazy, plus they were destroying the underground piping."

Garner said the roots damaged the water and sewer pipes as well as the electrical wiring beneath the park's surface and even caused issues with the road leading to the RV sites.

"There was about $1 million worth of infrastructure that was going to have to get updated and replaced," he said of the work needed at the time. "We have been working on it ever since, in phases."

 - Another recent upgrade is the addition of a laundry facility. More upgrade work is planned, thanks to a new grant.The first phase was funded by a County Opportunity Grant program through the State of Oregon and was completed in 2016.

"We got rid of almost all of the trees in the park that were causing issues, and we were able to replace a significant section of sewer pipe," he said. In addition, parks leaders upgraded RV pedestals and hydrants that supply water to the sites, and also made some ADA accessibility upgrades.

"The following year, we were able to build the RV laundry room and community clubhouse room," Garner added.

The most recent grant, for which CCPRD received a Notice to Proceed on Feb. 22, will help fund what Garner termed Part B of the infrastructure project.

"This one is going to be replacing old electrical lines in the ground that are a real problem and putting everything in conduit, and doing mostly paving after that," he said. The plan, he added, is to repave the RV sites.

 - Upgrades completed at the RV park during the past five years included the addition of a clubhouse area for customers to gather and relax.Garner said the next step now that the funding is available is to determine when the best time will be to do the work. He is tentatively targeting this coming fall or spring 2020 to complete the work, but the timeframe will depend on RV space demand.

"We are going to have to close whole sections of it down," he said. "Right now, that park is completely full, so RV spaces are at a premium."

He noted that some private RV parks are expected to open in the near future, which he hopes will lower the demand and enable the construction work to take place without displacing customers.

Whenever the project takes place, Garner will be pleased to see it happen. He points out that the park is profitable and helps subsidize the CCPRD budget.

"It is helping stretch the meager resources that we have," he said. "This project is really a neat one for both Parks and Rec and the county."

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