Ricky Earl David Cook was alledgedly caught by his roommate having sex with her dog

CROOK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Ricky CookA Prineville man is facing animal sex abuse charges after being accused by his roommate for having intercourse with her dog in their home.

According to an Affidavit in Support of Probable Cause Arrest document, deputies with Crook County Sheriff's Office responded to a Southeast Lincoln Road residence around 10:20 p.m., Friday, March 1, following a complaint from the dog owner.

She reported walking past a bedroom where she saw 41-year-old Ricky Earl David Cook on his knees with his pants down, thrusting behind her male malamute mix dog. Upset and shocked, she questioned what he was doing, and Cook reportedly sighed and claimed that his pants were up and the dog had gotten on top of him.

Cook has rented a room from the family of three for the past four years, and according to deputy interviews with the dog owner and Cook, there had never been any problems between them prior to the alleged incident with her dog.

Deputies spoke with the dog's owner first, and after getting her account of the incident proceeded to interview Cook, who denied having any sexual contact with the dog. He told conflicting versions of what happened at different points during the interview. He claimed that the dog had tried to mount him, and in the process of pushing him off, the animal had ended up in front of him. He claimed that his pants were not down but are just baggy and told deputies that when his roommate walked by, he was sitting on the floor looking for his phone.

Cook added that his accuser has poor eyesight and the room was dark, and later said it would not make sense for him to attempt anything with the dog when everyone was in the house and with the bedroom door open.

Deputies said that Cook seemed nervous throughout the interview process, would not make eye contact, and more than once asked if having sex with an animal is illegal in Oregon.

The deputies then spoke to the dog owner again regarding her eyesight, and she told them she could see up to 30 feet without any trouble. She also told authorities that the normally friendly dog seemed anxious after the incident.

Deputies asked permission to examine the dog and take DNA samples, then took DNA samples from various parts of Cook's body and clothing, including his shirt, pants, fingernails and groin region. The samples were logged for storage and future testing, and photographs were taken of fresh scratches on Cook's thighs and belly area that appeared consistent with injury inflicted by a dog trying to defend itself in a struggle.

Authorities asked Cook if they could check his phone to see if it contained any animal-related pornography. He said it only contained "regular porn," but he did not want the deputies to see it. His phone was later seized along with the shirt and pants he was wearing during the incident.

Cook was arrested for sexual assault of an animal and lodged in Crook County Jail with his bail set at $15,000. He was indicted Thursday on one count of animal sex abuse and for one count of encouraging animal sex abuse, based on content that was reportedly discovered on his phone.

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