City of Prineville Railway establishing passenger service 100 years ago in 1919

 - MARCH 10, 1994: Science students at Crook County High School display the first-place trophy they won at the Science Olympics in Bend. Back row (l-r): Sean Kenna, Kelly Hollis, Cody Kenny, Cody Jacobs, Briita Welty, Keri Kessel, Melanie Tricker and Jill Giese. Middle row (l-r): Melissa Sime and Jaclyn Slaven. Front row (l-r): Lexie Mapes, Lauren Mohan and DeAnn Welker.

100 years ago

March 13, 1919

Seven separate actions for damages, brought by as many farmers who claim to have been damaged during the season of 1918 because of diversion of water from their various irrigation systems at and near the site of the Ochoco Project Dam, were filed this week against Twohy Bros. Company for a total sum aggregating about $41,000. The action for damages has been threatening for some time, and was no doubt precipitated by the attitude of the contracting firm in its recent attempt to delay the construction of the dam.

Passenger service will be established in less than 30 days on the City of Prineville Railway. The exact date is not announced but will be well within that time. The coach for the Prineville-Prineville Junction run will arrive today or tomorrow from Portland and will be ready for the service when it starts.

An entertainment consisting of a vaudeville performance, followed by dancing, will be given free to their friends by the members of the United Artisans on March 17. A special invitation is extended to all returned soldiers and sailors. Program will start promptly at 8 p.m. in their lodge rooms over the Prineville Meat Market.

75 years ago

March 9, 1944

A warning to bicycle riders that traffic laws must be observed, including the rule against riding bicycles on sidewalks, was issued this week by City Marshal Ernest McKenzie. The marshal pointed out that bicycle riders are under the same traffic rules as motorists, insofar as those laws can apply.

A sale of good used farm machinery and work horses has been announced by a committee of the Circle 20 Farmers Club of Prineville. The sale will be held Tuesday, March 21, at the A.R. Graffenberger ranch. "Our purpose in arranging this sale is to help to relieve the shortage of farm equipment in these critical times," Claude F. Williams, spokesman for the committee, said.

Eight people narrowly escaped death or serious injury here Wednesday afternoon when an ammonia compressor exploded at the Prineville Creamery plant, blowing out one wall of the building. A few minutes before, most of them had been working in the room where the explosion took place.

50 years ago

March 13, 1969

In conjunction with the American Legion's presentation of its Golden Anniversary "Gift to the Nation," Crook County Post 29 will present as its gift to Crook County a "Flame of Freedom." They will coincide with President Nixon's lighting of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Temple façade of the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery.

Paul Rowan, of Rowan's TV Inc. in Madras, addressed the Wednesday, March 12 meeting of City Council concerning a franchise for cable television. Rowan stated that under a cable system, Prineville would be able to receive KATU, Channel 2 in Portland, channel 3, F.M. music from Portland, channel 4, KMAD in Madras with 24-hour weather reporting instruments and local news, plus much more. Cost to "hook-up" to the cable system would be approximately $10 a family and $5 per month.

25 years ago

March 10, 1994

The Pine Theater has been cold and dark for more than a decade, but yesterday around noon, smoke hung in the air of a backroom behind the now abandoned aisles of empty seats. Five juveniles were eventually taken into custody for questioning. Even though measures have been taken to prevent people from entering the building, last night the front door to the building was broken down and law enforcement officials were back at the scene this morning.

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