A life lived without faith in something more leaves a hungry soul that no menu can ever fill

Sometimes life has a way of grabbing my face between both of its hands and, not so gently, jerking my attention to what's really important.

Just recently, I received a dear friend's news of a difficult diagnosis, my husband was in a car accident that, thankfully, resulted in nothing more serious than him being punched in the face by an air-bag, and my kid narrowly missed the jet plane crash in Ethiopia by two days! Each unexpected episode had me grabbing my knees in breathless shock. And I'm still stumbling over how to process the "why's."

"How?!" We ask, "How do we comprehend, let alone navigate, the havoc this broken world dishes out left and right?" Sometimes we only have to read about tragedy and suffering in far-away places. But, what about the dear ones living through it? How do we bridge that divide between looking on, in horror, at someone else's chaos, and running to offer whatever help our own shaky lives can muster?

Is any one of us on solid enough ground to help right the ships of those precious souls we love, and pray for?

One thing is for sure; a life lived without "faith in something more" leaves me with a hungry soul that no menu can ever fill. If I perceive my existence to be nothing but a house-of-horrors maze, where I'm never sure what's coming next and even more unprepared to handle it all when it does, then I'm only living out my vapor-days in self-reliance, self-importance, and in a constant state of self-preservation. And that scary-clown-journey doesn't sound very life-giving.

Let's consider together that, maybe, there's a parallel path worth exploring this Easter season; one paved in palm branches, that offers a wager far better than fear. One that guarantees a forever kind of hope and healing instead of a "this-is-all-there-is" sea of despair. It's available to all of us and begins with nothing more than an invisible transaction between our hearts and the One who made them.

Easter is coming on April 21. Let's help each another step right over whatever keeps us from walking the path less traveled. We can quietly find others to walk with at many of the churches in our town that offer live church services. Or, pull up a chair from the comfort of your own phone and observe Jesus at, if that's more your style.

Holly McLane is a Powell Butte resident. She can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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