State sentencing guidelines combined with a lack of prior criminal history determine jail time

CROOK COUNTY JAIL - Ricky CookPrineville man Ricky Cook was sentenced this week to 30 days in jail in connection with an animal sex abuse incident early last month.

Cook, 41, was arrested after his roommate reportedly saw him having sexual intercourse with her dog. According to Crook County District Attorney Wade Whiting, the duration of the jail sentence was determined by the evidence available, Oregon sentencing guidelines and Cook's lack of a prior criminal history.

Whiting noted that while the dog's owner reported that she saw Cook positioned behind the dog with his pants down in a manner that suggested he was having sexual intercourse with the animal, an examination by a local veterinarian found no signs of bleeding or trauma.

"However the defendant admitted to the police that his phone would contain several pornographic images depicting human/animal sexual activity," he said. "After obtaining a search warrant for the phone, the deputies found these disturbing images indicating a clear sexual interest in animals by the defendant."

Whiting explained that every felony committed throughout the state is subject to Oregon felony sentencing guidelines. The crime seriousness score for sexual assault of an animal and Cook's lack of a prior criminal history combined to calculate a presumptive jail sentence for the court to impose.

"In this case, the presumptive sentence was a 30-day jail sentence with 36 months of supervised probation, which he received," Whiting said. "The defendant was further ordered to undergo sex offender treatment and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The defendant is also prohibited from possessing domestic animals."

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