If we do not have projects or goals in life, we are not fulfilling a basic need in our life

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Doug ShrockHow many times have you started a project and for some reason the project never got finished? There are some good reasons this could happen:

Another project came along that was more important.

Sometimes we over estimate our abilities and someone else with the expertise needed may have to finish it.

Illness to you or someone who needs your help could take up the time you originally set aside to do a project.

A change of jobs or an unexpected move.

Or, you just lost interest in what you were doing.

There are more reasons projects don't get finished, some of which aren't very good excuses.

However, when you do finish a project that you have been working on, doesn't it feel good? There is something about completing a task or reaching a goal that makes all the time and effort worth it.

I believe it is fair to say that if we do not have projects or goals in life, we are not fulfilling a basic need in our life — the need to know we have a purpose and that we are being useful in this life. Some of the most gratifying projects are ones that we do for others — offering a helping hand to those who need one.

One of the things I love about Christianity is the importance of finishing strong. Always realizing that there is work you can do that will make a difference to others — everything from prayer to lending a helping hand, being active in your local church and giving encouragement to those who need it and being a mentor or being a good friend. Whatever the task, as long as we have breath, we need to realize we have a purpose.

Our greatest example is Jesus. Even on the the cross, He asked for forgiveness of those who put Him on the cross. A thief dying next to him was given comfort and the promise he would be with Jesus in paradise. That man finished his life in the best way possible. He admitted his mistakes to Jesus and believed in him. Jesus also made sure that his earthly mother, Mary, was taken care of by the apostle John.

Most important, Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins. His last words, "It is finished!"

Doug Shrock is the pastor of Living Water Church of God. He can be reached at 541-447-3399.

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