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How our gubernatorial candidates would govern is reflected in voting record; Everyone should listen to facts of insurrection hearings

How our gubernatorial candidates would govern is reflected in voting record

Oregon's gubernatorial race is far from decided. The candidates, Tina Kotek, Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson, are working hard to get our votes, but how do we choose? It's difficult to predict how any of the candidates might govern. However, past voting record is an indication, perhaps the best indication, of what future votes would likely be.

One example of current political mindset is the Menstrual Dignity Act, passed in 2021. That bill, HB 3294, requires feminine products in school bathrooms, including kindergarten boys' bathrooms. The thought process of elected officials that agreed with a notion that puts feminine products in kindergarten boys' bathrooms is quite troubling at best, yet that bill received yes votes from every House and Senate member, except Betsy Johnson.

The rationale for HB 3294 support is incomprehensible. It's worth wondering if perhaps all but Betsy Johnson ignored their personal common sense and simply went along with the "woke mentality" mob. Regardless, feminine products in little boys' bathrooms make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It's my observation that Oregonians in general have had more than enough woke mentality; Kate Brown supports "woke" and she was a disaster. Her pandemic mandates proved not only unnecessary when compared to Florida's pandemic results for instance, but often caused more harm than good; in particular her mandates regarding schools and the resulting negative impact on students. Some will take years, some perhaps never, to recover. Her other decisions, such as cap and trade and wokeism in our educational processes, often reeked of ideology rather than common sense or usefulness. It is not surprising, and she's fully earned, being the nation's lowest rated governor. A new governor who thinks like her will have equally disastrous results.

Different thinking, perhaps politically independent thinking but clearly not more woke thinking, would be a superior approach. A critic of an article from my desk a few months ago mentioned the results of the 2020 presidential election as being about change. That change occurred and the results are painfully obvious; much the same as the results of the election of Kate Brown.

Here in my view is a summarized assessment of our three gubernatorial candidates:

- Tina Kotek: Supports wokeism, voted for HB 3294; political clone of Kate Brown.

- Christine Drazan: Voted for HB 3294; action speaks a thousand words.

- Betsy Johnson: Abandoned the Democratic party to run for governor as an independent; voted against HB 3294; actions that are likely indicative of an enlightened horizon and much needed improvement.

Al Phillips


Speech given at graduation was very inappropriate

''That was the worst graduation ceremony I have ever attended!" That was my opinion and one of several other comments I heard after attending Prineville's 2022 graduation ceremony. Another was, "That was totally inappropriate!" And another heard was, "How could an administrator approve the graphic telling of that tragic story, which included the horrific details of a knife to the belly, bloody aftermath and sticky substance smeared over the body to thousands of mothers and fathers, grandpas and grandmas, brothers and sisters and small children who came to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2022? Yet another I heard was, "The district I live in would never, never allow the subject of "coming out" or the graphic description of a date rape!" Other comments included, "I wish I had had the courage to stand up and yell, STOP, this is totally inappropriate!" And, "When the knife and blood were described, my kids who sat with me gave me a wide-eyed questioning look!"

Graduating students, after the ceremony, expressed disbelief that the same speech bashed "their school, their teachers, them and their student athletes rather than celebrating the accomplishments of her school, her teachers, her fellow students and student athletes.

Yes, I think the audience understood the young lady was committed and passionate to her cause, but she totally preached that cause to the wrong audience and at the wrong venue. The subject she broached should have been reported to the police chief or the district attorney or county judge, not to an audience celebrating a Crook County High School graduation.

And that brings me to ask, did any adults in the district approve that young lady's speech? And if so, who, and for what purpose? I think the graduation audience and the community need to know these answers and an explanation of why, because this is not Bend or Portland, this is the community of Prineville.

Larry Nelson


Letters to editor among best I have ever read

I am 77 years of age. In my business career I was able to travel. I have read the op-ed pages from the South China Morning Post to the International Herald Tribune and several others in between. I have always enjoyed reading a newspaper. In the Tuesday, June 7 edition of the Central Oregonian, there were six of the best letters I have ever read. The individuals who took the time to compose the letters are to be commended for sharing their thoughts and feelings. Every letter was positive and to the point, no agendas, just hopes for some change to help all of us. The community is a better place because of them.

As always, Mr. Ahern shows what a good journalist he is and why I look forward to reading his thoughts.

Fred Carlson


Everyone should listen to facts of insurrection hearings

Yesterday evening, June 9, the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Insurrection, aired their first report to the nation on their findings thus far. They showed video not seen before but similar to what we all witnessed in real time on our television sets the day it took place.

What they did provide that we have not known before was context for how the storming of the capital was planned and executed. It was not a gathering of "really nice people." It was a mob intent on overturning the results of a duly held and certified election.

Conservative media outlets showed their true colors when they chose to ignore the select committee hearing by refusing to air it. What was their reasoning? Were they afraid that giving their viewers the opportunity to hear the truth might undo the biased reporting they've aired for the past 17 months?

I applaud Chairman Bennie Thompson, Vice Chair Liz Cheney and the other members of the select committee for having the courage to bring the real story to the American people in such a forthright manner. Last night was just the beginning — we'll hear more over the coming weeks.

No matter political affiliation, I pray that everyone will put partisan bickering aside and listen to the facts. Our republic is in the balance.

Priscilla Smith


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