Psilocybin treatments benefit those who need it; Impressed with what Crook County schools offer

Psilocybin treatments benefit those who need it

Are Crook County citizens and voters concerned about the mental health of our neighbors? It's a cornerstone of a full, productive life and a community that works together for the good of all.

The passage of Measure 109, psilocybin treatments for Oregonians suffering from certain mental health diagnoses, can improve many lives in Crook County. It's not an illegal drug issue, it's all about a healthier community.

Maybe it's the frequent reports of drug busts in Prineville that has you concerned. Have you ever heard of a mushroom bust in town? Not since the 1970s for sure!

Perhaps you know someone who is struggling with depression, drug dependence or a saddlebag full of other ailments. I believe we all want a healthier community, and good mental health is a key part of being able to work and positively contribute to the neighborhood, city and county.

Ask our sheriff or police chief how many inmates are suffering from mental health issues. Let us be progressive in new mental health treatments that are proven to be beneficial. This is not about urban or rural, or illegal drugs. It's a concern across Oregon, from Port Orford to Pendleton. Vote for doctor-prescribed psilocybin treatments in Crook County and the city of Prineville in November.

Chuck Hedges


Impressed with what Crook County schools offer

I would like to thank Calista Songstad for introducing me to the various programs being used in Prineville schools.

As she advised, I looked at the various websites she listed and was very impressed with them. One was on teaching children about how their bodies change as they mature, discussing and understanding different types of pressures, including the media, which influence your decisions to be sexually involved and learning about what makes relationships healthy and unhealthy.

She also mentioned ethnic standards, which requires all students to learn about histories, contributions and perspectives of individuals who are Native American or Americans of African, Asian, Pacific Island, Chicano, Latino or Middle Eastern descent, in addition to being women, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and individuals who are homosexual, bisexual or transgender. Basically, teaching about people from other cultures, backgrounds or lifestyles.

I didn't see anything that required students to actually live any of these lifestyles or adopt their beliefs, just understand that they exist and encompass real people who very well could be your neighbors.

I hope others follow up on Songstad's advice and research the curricula, because I'm very impressed with what is being offered. Thanks Calista!

Barbara Solomon


Trump does not deserve any of your campaign donations

Why do people donate money to a loser? Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. He lost in the 2020 election. Yet people donate their money to what they think they are supporting, his 2024 campaign, just like his 16,000 documented lies.

The money is not going to his campaign. As long as he is still an undeclared candidate, federal campaign rules do not apply. All that money is going to pay his huge lawyer bills, the $4 billion owed to Deutcha Bank, to fuel his private jet and throw lavish parties at your expense, from the mouth of the guy who wanted people to swallow Clorox to kill the virus that he said was a lie from the beginning.

Now he claims that 11 copies of top secret nuclear documents were planted in his safe, yet his lawyer was present at the time and knows they weren't planted. His buddies at QAnon claim that aliens put the document there. All the violence approved and condoned by Trump and his followers is un-American. World War II was fought to end fascism. Trump wants to be the fascist leader. He is doing exactly what Putin directed him to do at the Helsinki meeting. Winston Churchill wrote, "Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

I know the regulations concerning TS nuclear documents. I held a TS clearance and dealt with nuclear material on a daily basis. If you or I had done what Trump did, we would be serving a life term turning big rocks into small rocks. Don't support a liar and criminal.

When you support a candidate, read the fine print associated with your donation to see where it really is going.

Brent Bunch


Now would be a good time to restore Crooked River

This year would be a very good year to restore the Crooked River. It has been degraded for years with white fish, crappie, and a decision by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to plant bass in the system.

It's a great time to poison the system and restore Crooked River and its tributaries to the great natural trout fishery that it has always been. If the fish and game want bass, they can move to where the bass naturally live ­— it was not here. Thanks for your time.

David Condron


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