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We shouldn't destroy natural resources to make money; I have had enough of Democratic rule in Oregon

We shouldn't destroy natural resources to make money

In 1916, I doubt that the OID serviced 900 patrons. The river wasn't meant to irrigate as much land as it is servicing. It was meant to provide farming, fishing and recreation.

Mr. Scanlon said that irrigators only received 25% of what they had a right to. No one should be guaranteed water from a river. They do not own the river. The first priority is the environment. That includes fish.

We can't afford to destroy our natural resources so that people can make money. The world is changing and it is time to change with it. Like with COVID, it was the businesses that could pivot and change gears that made it.

We may have a wet year off and on, but overall, the conditions aren't going to get any better. We need to protect the health of the streams and allow everyone to enjoy our natural resources.

Teddi Carbonneau


I have had enough of Democratic rule in Oregon

Let me see if I have this correct. The Democrats have ruled Oregon for nearly 40 years. During that time they have given us the following:

• Feminine products in the boys' lavatories in all our schools.

• Critical race theory in our schools. Yes, it is

• The legalization of nearly every known drug.

Have you had enough yet? No?

Well, let's see if we can help you. The Democrats have also;

• Closed nearly every mental health facility. Too expensive they say. As a result, we now have the mentally ill, the addicts, etc. living on our streets.

• They have defunded many police departments whose officers have to deal with this mess.

• They have opened the prisons and freed hundreds of violent criminals.

Have you had enough yet? Still no?

Well the Democrats have, with the able assistance of their leader Joe Biden, also given you the following:

• Higher fuel prices — have you seen a price reduction in Prineville?

Been to the grocery store lately? Higher food prices on everything you need to feed your family.

• And yes, in spite of their denials, higher prices on the drugs that many of you need to survive.

• Higher taxes, with less services than the state had when last we had a Republican governor.

• And, beginning in 2035, the banning of all fossil fuel burning engines. Not just cars, pickups and trucks, but lawn mowers, weed eaters, heating units and anything that uses gas or diesel. Think about that.

And what about Portland, the once beautiful City of Roses? Now referred to as the City of Rot and Riots. All brought to you by Democrats.

Still not had enough? Well I for one have. I will be voting for Christine Drazen for governor. Please join me in this effort to get our beautiful Oregon back on track.

Chet Petersen

The Dalles

Lemon Gulch trail opponents should not prey on our fears

Let the Lemon Gulch trail proposal be weighed on what is actually being proposed, which certainly raises plenty of concerns.

The folks opposing the trail system are bringing forward legitimate concerns that must be addressed. And yet the Don't Bend Prineville movement seems to really be trying to speak to the larger hopes and fears of our community.

What started as an extension of our good-natured tradition of teasing city slickers is tipping into a process of dehumanization. Sometimes, it does seem like we stand to lose what is gritty and free and good about living here. But we'll never preserve it by projecting that fear onto mountain bikers or our neighbors in Bend and then seeing them as our scapegoats. It will only hasten losing the soul of what makes Prineville such a special place to call home.

Jill Welborn


Enough hypocrisy, vote Drazen for Oregon governor

Hypocrisy, the Democrats who want your vote are full of it. Whether it is their incompetent leader, Joe Biden, or the two Democrats who would be governor, Tina Kotek or Betsy Johnson (yes, Betsy is a Democrat). She has voted in lock step with Tina Kotek and Gov.Brown 97% of the time. Check it out.

Both are pro-abortion and you constantly hear both say "my body, my choice." Yet, when it came to the COVID crisis, it was your body, their choice.

If you didn't get the vaccine, you can't serve in the military, according to Mr. Biden. In Oregon, with the full support and approval of candidates Kotek and Johnson, you cannot serve in the Oregon National Guard, many Democratic-controlled police departments and even as a nurse, doctor or medical practitioner if you refused to get the COVID vaccine. This is pure hypocrisy.

Not so with Christine Drazen. While she is anti-abortion and pro-life, she has publicly stated countless times she will abide by, and uphold, Oregon law. No hypocrisy here. While she may encourage the use of masks where sometimes necessary, she would not close schools, force mask mandates or boot people out for failing to comply with ill-advised and possibly illegal mandates.

Join me and others by voting for the one honest candidate for governor, Christine Drazen.

Nancy Hunt-Petersen

The Dalles

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