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Support of museum levy critical to local history; Measure 114 isn't perfect, but it might help long term

Support of museum levy critical to local history

The continued support of Bowman Museum is essential to maintain the integrity of Crook County and Prineville history. While preserving history, the staff is moving forward to improve availability of records, artifacts and photos online. The ongoing lectures, entertainment and use of the community room are open to young and old alike. Bowman Museum is one of, if not the best small museum. Please join me in approving the levy for Bowman Museum.

Claudia Loveland


Drazen is getting my vote for Oregon governor

Oregon's political climate is more inclined to elect a Republican governor this election than at any time in the past four decades.

Current polling shows the state leaning a couple points Republican, but the outcome is not certain. The goal is to remove the Democrats from power.

Betsy Johnson's third-party candidacy is trailing by 16 percentage points and will pull votes. Phil Knight's recent shift from Betsy Johnson's support to Christine Drazan's support indicates to me that he sees the threat Betsy's candidacy represents. My thoughts echo Phil Knight's actions. Christine Drazan will get my vote and hopefully yours as well.

Al Phillips


Measure 114 isn't perfect, but it might help long term

Is Measure 114 a good bill? I'm not sure. Is it perfect? Nope. Would it have stopped the shooting at Safeway? Nope. If passed, it would have very little impact on gun violence today. But 10 years from now, it might have an impact.

Measure 114 is not an ideal option. It is, however, a real option. And it just might be passed by the people of Oregon.

My questions to the people who oppose Measure 114: What specifically do you propose to prevent the amount of mass shootings in this country? Remember, "enforce the current laws" is a tired and weak argument. Do you consider mass shootings the price of freedom? I sure hope not. Do you really need a 30-round magazine? Make your case.

Has anyone from the government limited you from buying, owning or selling firearms? Probably not. Today, just about anyone anywhere in this country can buy, own and sell just about any kind of gun or ammo imaginable. Do you believe our current circumstances satisfy the "well regulated militia" clause our Founding Fathers had in mind when the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights was adopted?

I have not decided whether to vote for or against Measure 114. But as a gun owner, I absolutely believe we need to do more than we are doing now. Kids should be able to go to school without fear of being shot. People should be able to buy a cantaloupe at a grocery store without being shot. We do not plant a tree today for shade tonight.

Faron Schultz

Powell Butte

Pay attention to how things happened before voting

I'm writing this letter on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Today, ballots were mailed by the state, so by the time you read this letter, you will have your ballot in hand and two weeks left to cast your vote.

It's time for all of us to assess the condition of our country and how we got where we are today. Many of the ills we face today actually began under the previous administration, when then-President Trump decided to ignore the pandemic. Businesses shut down, as did schools. People were suddenly unemployed. Social gatherings ceased, as did in-person worship. It was a situation we'd never faced before. Globally, leaders made difficult decisions and today's worldwide economy is facing the result of those choices.

Many people blame Joe Biden for the economy. I get it — every president takes the blame or credit for the economy, even when they didn't create it. But on the other hand, the Biden administration helped all of us during the pandemic by providing financial assistance, paying child benefits monthly, providing stimulus funds for those of us who weren't working, and unemployment benefits were slow in coming.

So, things have gotten better. We can be vaccinated against COVID-19. Suddenly, we are free to shop, and people are buying like crazy! The problem with that is it causes inflation. Supply chain issues still exist, and the cost of goods go up accordingly, based on availability. Big Oil is taking advantage of the situation by raising gasoline prices which causes all of us pain at the pump. Did you know that the price of crude increased 20%, but the price of gasoline has increased 40%? Wonder whose pockets the profits will land in? Sure won't be yours or mine.

The other day I was in Bi-Mart standing in line to check out. I heard a gentleman in the next aisle complaining about the wait and how the store couldn't find more employees because "young people just want to stay home and take free money." No. There are more jobs than there are job hunters. Oregon's September unemployment rate was 3.8% — nearly a historic low. AND the private sector added 500 jobs and reached a record of 1.67 million jobs (per KTVZ). Businesses can't hire unless they out-pay and out-benefit competitors — they are competing for the same employee, and it's become a bidding war.

So, having said all that, I encourage you to do your research before sending that ballot in.

Cliff Bentz has voted against all kinds of acts that would have helped his constituents. Things like the PACT Act (would have helped veterans), jobs and infrastructure, Violence Against Women Act and keeping insulin and other drug prices low. He doesn't support veterans, seniors or women — do we really want him re-elected? Vote Joe Yetter.

Vikki Breese-Iverson followed the leader when she was elected — instead of working across the aisle, she and her cohorts walked out on legislation that would have slowed climate change. Vote Lawrence Jones.

Christine Drazen wants to outlaw women's reproductive choice and put it in the hands of the government. Vote Tina Kotek.

Betsy Johnson thinks it's OK for everyone to own a machine gun and claims she can "make" Democrats and Republicans "come to the table." Hah! Fat chance. Vote Tina Kotek.

Joe Rae Perkins thinks QAnon is a real thing and doesn't believe in science. Vote Ron Wyden.

Priscilla Smith


Please join me in voting yes on the museum levy

I remember touring the Bowman Museum as an elementary student at Ochoco Grade School. We had an intriguing guide who told stories about the items throughout the museum and related them to our experiences in the community. The upcoming Timber Carnival was on everyone's mind and there was a display reflecting some of the tools of the timber trade. Our guide explained how those tools were utilized in the forest and how new technologies have made them obsolete.

There was also a display of dresses on exhibit, and I remember thinking they were beautiful, but they looked painful to wear for an entire day. I was glad the fashion had changed and I was able to wear my comfortable jeans and sneakers to the museum. We ended our tour by taking the hike to the top of the courthouse clock tower and signing our names on the inside of the clock.

When I strolled through museum recently, it brought back those memories and reminded me that we are extremely lucky to have this incredible treasure in our community. It allows us to preserve and showcase an important collection of items with significant historical value to Crook County. The professional staff are knowledgeable, friendly and happy to entertain questions about the local history. We should all feel fortunate and proud to have the museum in our small town to remind us of the past.

I plan to vote in favor the museum tax levy so we can preserve our local history to share with future generations. I hope you will do the same.

Suzie Kristensen

Crook County

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