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Vote yes on Prineville and Crook County psilocybin ballot measures; Comparing results of Trump, Biden administrations

Vote yes on Prineville and Crook County psilocybin ballot measures

On the current Crook County/city of Prineville ballot are two referrals regarding whether the citizens should prohibit the establishment of manufacturing and/or service centers of psilocybin. These referrals flow out of the passage of Measure 110 and Measure 109 that passed the last state general election.

These measures decriminalized the possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and methadone in smaller amounts and set a potential distribution-service centers system for the psilocybin. Crook County voted 64.5% against the distribution/service centers in Measure 109. Both measures were actively promoted and funded by George Soros. Two of the three main candidates for governor believe that Measure 110 should be reversed.

Psilocybin (shrooms) is a Schedule 1 controlled substance and is not authorized to be sold or distributed under federal law. Nothing under Measure 110 or Measure 109 would provide for this substance to be prescribed by a doctor or distributed by a licensed pharmacy. In order for psilocybin to be distributed, it would require the distributing agent to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, taken a state licensure class and make a judgement as to whether an applicant should be sold the drug, the quantity, the administration and the supervision of the administration of the drug. The Oregon Health Authority is supposed to provide the requirements for Measure 109 implementation.

Oregon leads the nation in addiction rates, in the top three in almost all categories, and our treatment programs are for the most part substandard. We have gone forward in an adventure with no safety net and little supervision. I urge to vote "yes" on the two referrals and not subject Crook County/city of Prineville residents to a half-baked, poorly supervised and/or regulated George Soros proposal.

Gary S. Thompson

Retired Circuit Court Judge/Retired Drug Court Judge

Comparing results of Trump, Biden administrations

Much like Oregon's political climate for change, federal politics have the same situation. It's worth comparing the realities of Trump's administration to the realities of Biden's administration.

Trump's results:

1) Unemployment near record lows

2) Inflation near 2%

3) Gas prices around $2.30

4) Prosperity for middle class near

record highs

5) Tax cuts companies used to

expand and hire more employees.

6) World wide respect for the United


7) No Russian war with its nuclear


8) No aggressive actions or retaliatory

threats from North Korea, China or

Saudi Arabia for example.

Biden's results: His war on fossil fuels has resulted in reversing or eliminating, sometimes illegally, those of Trump:

1) Unemployment is higher.

2) Inflation exceeds 8%.

3) Gas prices around $4.75,

4) Middle class people hit hard by


5) New taxes in addition to cutting

existing tax reductions.

6) Disrespect world wide.

7) The Russian war on Ukraine.

8) Serious threats including not leaving out nuclear retaliation, from North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia as a result of Biden's statements.

Also virtually every poll indicates that respondents are most concerned about the economy. Final GDP estimates confirm negative economic growth for Quarter 2. Many Democrats now won't dispute the distinct possibility of a red wave tsunami. Additionally, 80% of polled respondents say Biden is doing a poor job.

Should the red wave expectation happen, will ardent Biden supporters — such as the recent contributor to this op-ed page who believes that Biden has no responsibility for today's realities — wonder or care even about the accuracy of what comes from their information sources?

Al Phillips


Republican gubernatorial candidate has no plan

Many may not have the time to research candidates in this upcoming election. I took the time to research a few running for governor. One is trying to look like a moderate Republican, but she was groomed by the Mar-a-Lago people.

She states that career politicians need to go -- rather hypocritical considering she started in politics right out of college in 1990s. A fresh voice in government? Yeah right! Her voice dates back to the 90s. Her mantra is to tell the people what they want to hear and get elected, then muddle through four years and try to get re-elected. She states that she has a Plan A roadmap for Oregon's future. If you go to her site, all you will find is short sound bites -- nothing concrete , no plan. Examples: Address the humanitarian crisis on our streets. Restore safe communities. Fight for job growth in Oregon. Protect family budgets. Focus on academic accountability and individual student success… and it goes on and on with sound bites. Nothing concrete as to how to achieve these simple statements that everyone knows and wants.

I took the time to send a letter to her to request additional information as to what her plans really are. They were quick to reply, asking what exactly do you want to know? This is a Trump tactic: answer a question with a question and avoid at all costs an answer. So, I sent another letter requesting specific details as to her plan and not generic sound bites. No surprise here, she did not answer me back. If she did have a plan, then she would have it already written down and published and sent me a copy.

There is no plan. If elected, she has no plan. She will follow the standard Mar-a-Lago mantra of: Return the country back to the 1950s and not to the future. She wants to terminate woman's rights and abolish environmental regulations on water, land and air pollution. By not answering my letter, she has shown that she is not interested in having a conversation with the common voter. I wonder if she figures that when the going gets tough as a governor, she can just walk out and not show up for work like she has done in the Oregon legislature.

I don't know about you, but every job I have held, if you did not show up for work and especially if you walked off the job, you were promptly fired. Why should voters put up with legislatures that won't show up for work. Do your research -- generalized statements are just that… statements, no plan and no future.

Brent Bunch


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