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What a joy to see Veterans Day Parade turnout; Shocked to see the Bowman Museum levy fail

What a joy to see Veterans Day Parade turnout

I just came home from the Veterans Day Parade. What a joy to see so many people, young and old and all in between, who braved the cold, cloudy weather. I was surprised to see so many young family with small children, all bundled up, smiling and shouting, "Thank you!" and waving flags. It made my eyes leak. Good job, Dad and Mom, you have made my day. God bless you all.

Joyce Tuter


Shocked to see the Bowman Museum levy fail

When in Prineville, I enjoy visiting the Bowman Museum.

The reason for this letter is I'm shocked the levy to support the museum was turned down.

Prineville is lucky to have such a nice museum and deserves to be supported. Personally, I'm going to donate money to help and hope others in Crook County.

I'm a Prineville native. Although I don't live there now, I feel obligated to help. Come on all of you, do like I'm going to do, donate.

Vern Staley

Stayton, Oregon

The Republican leadership in the U.S. needs to change

The lack of effectiveness of the Republican party was on full display this election cycle. With exception to a few individual races, and other than winning control of the House, the overall results were nothing close to the red wave that should have occurred, based upon economic realities alone.

Call it an opportunity squandered by Republican leadership, who obviously had no clue to what the voting public would do. In spite of $5 gas and inflation eating 8% of their income, many voters signed on for a continuation of Biden's policies. The logic escapes me; could it be that subsidies are covering much of the inflationary realities for certain groups?

Regardless, the Republican leadership in place now is misdirected and abysmal. Mindsets or people need to change, starting with Mitch McConnell and RNC Chairman Michael Steele, including anybody else commanding party influence who believes the party is currently on the right track.

Also, moving away from Donald Trump — high intellect observers now recognize that Donald Trump is more anchor than than he is sail and needs to step aside or be voted aside.

Kevin McCarthy is likely the new Speaker of the House. With control of the House, perhaps Republicans can neutralize Biden's hell-bent efforts to establish government-will-take-care-of-you-better-than-you-can socialism and permanent Democratic control of the U.S.

Oversight committees may get accurate answers to topics such as Hunter Biden's business dealings and from the Department of Homeland Security Director Mayorkas, who steadfastly claims our southern boarder is secure while ignoring existing immigration laws with blatant impunity, allowing undocumented thousands to come to the U.S.

It's likely that what we hear about or can see — such as the bus load of young, nicely dressed Latino men each with a cell phone my wife and I observed not long ago at a rest stop south of Chemult — is only the tip of an iceberg. It's a bleak picture for those not aligned with far-left policies. Frustrating as well with elections two years apart and our state's current U.S. Senators aligned tightly to Democratic Party ideals. Writing to either or both of them is what we all should do. But expectations of forthcoming change conservatives could support is not likely. Nevertheless, optimism should prevail and writing to them or directly to other Senators is something we all can do.

Al Phillips


Lemon Gulch is bad idea and should have an EIS

The Lemon Gulch project in Lemon Creek is a bad idea because it will damage land and vegetation, disturb wildlife, reduce forest resilience and increase wildfire threat in Oregon's driest, most at-risk-of-wildfire region.

How does this project not warrant an EIS vs. EA?

I'm an avid outdoorsman, as well as avid mountain biker who rides trails in the Ochoco region. I oppose the creation of parking lots, restrooms or the use of machinery to build trails that alter the natural complexion of the forest floor in the Lemon Creek drainage. The environmental sensitivity of Lemon Creek drainage will be easily damaged by large groups of riders drawn to it by advertising and publicity. Natural forest-loving riders can eventually find already-existing trails on their own in smaller numbers, not in throngs being shuttled to the tops of trails by school buses, as is planned at Lemon Creek.

The Lemon Gulch Project demands an EIS!

I say this from experience riding in the Ochoco National Forest, as well as from riding throughout the now vastly human- and machine-altered Cascades.

John Frachella


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