The Rotary Club of Crook County has created an application for groups seeking donations

by: CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Prineville Rotarians with Congressman Greg Walden during the 2012 Dollars for Scholars Radioathon. The event raised $13,928 for local scholarships.

Throughout each year, the Rotary Club of Crook County provides financial assistance to a variety of local organizations and projects.

The problem is they continue to face more and more requests and as a result, they have recently struggled to stay within their approximately $4,500 community service budget while trying to support the many causes they encounter.

“In the past, we have always just gotten random letters or folks would show up to a board meeting and just request funding for a project or an organization,” explained Daleena Green, club treasurer. “Like everyone else, we have limited funds, but we want to support the organizations we feel most passionately about within the community, so we felt like it was time to try something different.”

To help rectify the situation, the Rotary Club has created a new platform for funding requests that they hope will streamline the process and help them assist more organizations in need.

The “request for proposals” application will ask people to explain their project or need and how the Rotary might help. In addition, they will ask applicants to list any volunteer opportunities for club members to take advantage of.

The first deadline for applications is Oct. 15, and Green said that Rotary members will review all of the requests following that deadline. The club is hoping that organizing all of the requests and looking them over at one time will help them select the best causes and improve their ability to fund them.

Green explained that they have typically funded the same organizations each year, and invariably, after they had written all the checks, other groups that the Rotary wanted to support would emerge and ask for help.

“So, we would write a check again and end up being over budget for those community service dollars,” she said. “Rather than having to say no to all of these great causes or spending more on those community service projects than we wanted, we decided twice a year, let’s just collect all of them and decide.”

In the past, the Rotary Club has supported Dollars for Scholars, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bowl for Kids Sake, and Challenge Day at Crook County High School, and they provide scholarships for the high school and continuing education students.

As they solicit applications, the Rotary Club is seeking local organizations and projects, particularly those that help children. At the same time, Green said they invite any group in need to apply.

“That way, every year, we might be supporting a different organization rather than just always supporting the same causes year after year.”

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