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Sunrise Pools and Patio Inc. celebrates 25 years in the spa business in Prineville

HOLLY SCHOLZ - Sunrise Pools owner Brad Forseth, left, with Office Manager Darlene Forseth and Sales Executive Jill Seaweard. The business celebrates 25 years in Prineville this month.

Technology with swimming pools and hot tubs has changed drastically in the last 25 years since Sunrise Pools and Patio Inc. opened in Prineville.

“It’s the difference of going from a rotary phone to a smartphone,” said Brad Forseth, owner of the local business. “These things are Wi-Fi now, and they have a Bluetooth,” he said of modern pools and spas.

Forseth bought the business from Mark Hanrahan in 1994. The original owner had opened his shop in December 1990 at 682 W. Third St. in Prineville. He offered 200 styles of pools, customized patio work, a full line of spas, as well as chemicals, parts and accessories.

“We’re still pretty much doing business the same — just on a bigger scale,” Forseth said.

The Prineville native graduated from Crook County High School in 1982 and served in the U.S. Navy. He says he enjoys the variety of his business.

“I spend most of my time outside. I think that’s what I like – the diversity and the freedom to pick and choose what I want to do,” Forseth said. “I enjoy fixing things and building.”

Selling swimming pools and hot tubs is only a small part of what Sunrise Pools offers.

“It looks like this is what we do,” he said, motioning to a showroom full of various hot tubs. “If this was all we did, I’d have been out of business a long time ago,” he laughed.

“This whole business is built on service,” Forseth said. “That’s what’s really kept us going. When the economy slows down, the retail slows down, but the service stays consistent.”

They have about 50 commercial accounts, providing pool and spa maintenance services to various facilities, including Brasada Ranch, Eagle Crest, and hotels in Prineville, Redmond and Bend.

“They keep us busy through the winter,” he said.

He has four employees, including two in the office and two servicemen.

“We’ve managed to stay pretty consistent in the last five years,” Forseth said, addressing the ups and downs of the economy. “Prior to that, we would have slowdowns, and one or two of the guys would get laid off during the winter.”

The shop carries a full selection of pool and spa products and accessories, including safety covers, cleaners, vacuums, filters, heaters, lighting, maintenance and safety equipment, pumps, sanitizers, valves, water features and chemicals.

Pool and spa services include automatic pool cleaners, saltwater chlorinators, pumps, filters, heaters, plumbing, pump motors and sand changes.

They construct all types of swimming pools – above-ground, in-ground, fiberglass and vinyl-lined. They also renovate pools and build patio structures, install concrete and pavers, and landscape around pools.

They even do some commercial work in Eastern Oregon.

“I like going out there and packing my fishing pole,” Forseth said.

As a member of the Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce, they participate in the Halloween Candy Crawl. They have a giving Christmas tree in the showroom with names of community members as well as a drop box for canned-food donations.

Forseth, 51, has two sons, ages 22 and 18. The oldest one followed in his father’s footsteps and serves in the U.S. Navy in Japan. The youngest recently graduated from CCHS.

Forseth says he’s happy to keep doing the same thing they’ve been doing for a quarter of a century at Sunrise Pools.

Sunrise Pools and Patio Inc.

405-A NW Third St., Prineville


Hours: 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday


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