New gas station and convenience store managers invite customers to fill up, even after hours

 - Shell and Cowboy Market manager Jeffrey Honeywell, right, helps customer Kurt Brittner, of Paulina, fill his truck. Honeywell took over the station Oct. 1.

The new managers of the Shell gas station and Cowboy Market at the west Y in Prineville plan to expand their offerings and turn it into a little hub.

"We're trying to add a few more things to make it convenient for people," said Jeffrey Honeywell, who signed a five-year lease with Leathers and took over the station from Randy Rasmussen on Oct. 1.

Rasmussen, of Prineville, began leasing the station from Leathers Enterprises in September of 2010. Once his seven-year lease was up, he decided to retire. He is also facing back surgery in the near future.

"We would certainly want to say thank you for all the support from everyone over the years," Rasmussen says to his customers.

According to the Leathers Enterprises website, the company is based in Fairview and operates and maintains 28 fueling locations in Oregon. It is also a member of the Commercial Fueling Network. In 2003, Leathers Enterprises changed its major brand to Shell.

Jeffrey Honeywell and his wife, Monica, also own a Leathers Shell station in Culver, Culver Shell and Feed, and they live near Culver.

"Leathers contacted us, and we have a good relationship with Leathers," he said. "They did not have someone to take this station over, and with me being a contractor, I'm already really busy, but we said we would help them out, and we would take on this and we will get it turned around and really become part of the community."

The couple has five children, and he was an officer in the military for many years. Aside from operating the two Shell stations, he's a general contractor and has an aerial photography business. He's also an NRA instructor, and they have a vending machine business.

Honeywell says his employees at the Culver station are like a big family and are helping cover the shifts at the new Prineville station until they can hire locals to be a part of their team.

"Everyone in Culver knows everybody, and everyone takes care of everybody. It's kind of like a meeting hub," he said of Culver Shell and Feed. "So we want to turn this into a nice little hub for Prineville."

They plan to add more food, cold sandwiches and some hot food. They will bring in some bird seed, dog food, cat food, lamb feed and pellets.

"If you have a pellet stove, and you want to stop here and get your fuel, you can pick up your pellets on your way home," Honeywell said. "Quick and convenient."

And, he wants the locals to know they offer self-serve fuel after hours. Recent legislation made it legal for gas stations in rural towns to offer self-serve gas.

"If you have a card, you can come here and pump your own fuel," Honeywell said, adding that he plans to put up signage and directions for night customers. "It makes it real nice if you're on your way someplace at three or four in the morning, you can get fuel here — diesel and gas."

Honeywell looks forward to expanding his station and offering great customer service.

"We are going to run this as a family business, and we hope to have them become part of our family," he said.

Shell and Cowboy Market

Managers: Jeffrey and Monica Honeywell

Address: 801 W. Third St., Prineville

Phone: 541-447-1314

New hours: 6 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday; 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday

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