Prineville Dairy Queen has donated nearly $55,000 to Children's Miracle Network

 - Jeri Fawbush, left, and Gene Fawbush have owned the Prineville Dairy Queen restaurant since January of 1979. They stand next to a display showing the five new summer Blizzard flavors.

July in America is known for patriotism, burgers, fireworks and ice cream.

And the local Dairy Queen is celebrating with red, white and blue Blizzards and new entrees, all the while, raising money for ill children.

For a very limited time, ice-cream lovers can get a taste of the Star Spangled Blizzard Treat.

"It's just a special thing for the Fourth of July," said Prineville Dairy Queen owner Jeri Fawbush, noting that it's available through July 8, or until supplies last.

The Star Spangled Blizzard Treat features blue candy blended in cherry-flavored soft-service ice cream, topped with the signature DQ ball and curl, and a red, white and blue DQ Stars and Stripes StarKiss frozen treat.

Or, celebrate America all month long with the new Oreo Firework Blizzard, the July Blizzard of the Month.

This one has Oreo cookie pieces and red and blue popping candy blended with vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Also new for the season — five summer Blizzard flavors.

"They have five flavors that they're keeping for four to six months through the summertime, and I think they're going to do a fall one," Fawbush said.

The Cotton Candy Blizzard Treat features cotton candy and sprinkles blended with vanilla ice cream.

The Jurassic Chomp Blizzard, a marketing tie-in to the latest "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" movie, blends chocolate-dipped peanut-butter candy and fudge topping with ice cream.

And what's a summer without s'mores?

Dairy Queen has introduced the S'mores Blizzard, with marshmallow-filled chocolates and graham cracker pieces.

Then there's the Twix Blizzard — with Twix cookie bar pieces and caramel topping.

Not into chocolate?

Then the Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard is for you.

This fruity treat mixes cheesecake pieces with real raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. It's free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

"I like the Summer Berry, where they put the berries in because I'm not necessarily a chocolate fan, and so many of the things are chocolate, and I'm more of a fruity person," Fawbush said. "I was glad they came out with this summer berry one."

On Thursday, Aug. 2, you'll get a chance to try these seasonal Blizzards and benefit the Children's Miracle Network at the same time.

"Aug. 2 is the day we donate $2 for every Blizzard they buy," Fawbush said. "If anybody buys a Blizzard, we give $2 to the CMN fund. We want people to come on that day."

Dairy Queen restaurants across the country have teamed with Children's Miracle Network, a North American non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children's health issues.

Locally, those funds benefit Doernbecher's children's hospital in Portland, where in 2017, 566 Crook County Children were treated, Fawbush said.

Dairy Queen raises money for the organization year-round by selling Doernbecher balloons and collecting coins.

"We have the little boxes in the front, and we have one in the drive thru, so we have people drop their change in there all year long," Fawbush said.

Over the years, the Prineville Dairy Queen has donated nearly $55,000 to Children's Miracle Network.

"Come out and buy a Blizzard so we can give money to the Children's Miracle Network," Fawbush said of the Aug. 2 national event.

Those looking for a summer evening treat, visit Dairy Queen after 8 p.m. for the Mix-and-Match deal. Ice-cream fans can get two medium sundaes or two medium dipped cones for $4, or order one sundae and one cone for $4.

Aside from the treats and Blizzards, Fawbush said the $5 Buck Lunch is popular among the locals — but it goes beyond the lunch hour.

"We don't discriminate against time," Fawbush said. "In a town like Prineville, I'm not telling the people that because you didn't get here before 4:00 you can't have some special."

She pointed out that a lot of Dairy Queen restaurants capitalize on the ice-cream treats, but most Northwest franchises sell more meals, and the treats are the sideline business.

So for lunch, dinner, a late-night meal or anything in-between, order a $5 Buck Lunch at the Prineville Dairy Queen.

They've just added two new entrees to the $5 Buck Lunch lineup.

The Crispy Chicken Salad, a smaller version of the salad, comes with a drink and a sundae.

Fawbush's husband, Gene, likes the new KC Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger.

This 100 percent all-beef patty is topped with melted American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, pickles, onions, and a Kansas City-style barbecue sauce on a toasted bun. The $5 meal comes with fries, a drink and a small sundae.

"Gene eats it all the time," she said. "They've gone really well because people like the spicy."

Dairy Queen

DQ will donate $2 from every Blizzard purchased on Thursday, Aug. 2 to the Children's Miracle Network.

Owners: Gene and Jeri Fawbush

Manager: Julie Smith-Tittle

Address: 600 NW Third St., Prineville

Phone: 541-447-4035

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