Plans to construct a new road from Prineville through Combs Flat to the timbered areas near Cadle Butte and Pilot Butte was proposed 75 years ago

CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Feb: 3, 1994: Dave Franke, of Wrangler Construction, carefully lifts the cupola from the top of Cain Hall at the Crook County Fairgrounds Thursday morning. Cain Hall is condemned and scheduled for demolition. Although there are no immediate plans for the cupola, it may possibly be restored and mounted on another building.

100 years ago

February 6, 1919

On Friday, a lawsuit was brought by the Twohy Brothers Company in the Circuit Court of Multnomah County, against the Ochoco Irrigation District, Clark, Kendall & Company, and the American Surety Company of New York. In their complaint, which is a document of 17 typed pages and which has a list of seven "Exhibits" all of considerable volume, the contractors allege that they have been damaged by alteration of plans. After the complaint was filed on Friday, the contractor continued to work on the project until Saturday evening of last week, when all workmen were removed from the dam.

At three o'clock yesterday, the huge pumps were started and sluicing operations were resumed on the Ochoco Project dam, after having been shut down since Saturday, when the work was abandoned by Twohy Bros. Co., the work has been contracted to the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company of Seattle. At the time the contract was given to the Twohy concern, a bond of $400,000 was executed with the American Surety Company of New York and the board of directors for the district proposes to complete the work and recoup any losses that may occur from the bond because of the failure of Twohy Bros. to carry out their contract.

The new board of directors for the Ochoco Irrigation Project took office on Tuesday. M.R. Biggs was chosen president of the board. The drawing of lots for the three terms resulted in the selection of F.F. Hoelscher for the three-year term, M.R. Biggs for two years and W.I. Dishman for the one-year term. No change is announced in the working force of the district.

75 years ago

February 3, 1944

Damages of $761 were awarded by a jury in circuit court here this afternoon in the case of John Cornett vs. the Paul B. Kelly Lumber Company. The case resulted from an accident on the Ochoco Highway east of Prineville last summer in which a number of sheep owned by Mr. Cornett were run down and killed by a Kelly Lumber Company truck.

Arrangements under which the Prineville City Council will cooperate with the Crook County Court in completing the unfinished hangar at the Prineville Airport were approved by the city council at its regular February meeting Tuesday night. The council went on record without a dissenting vote as authorizing expenditure of not to exceed $2,300 of city funds on the project in cooperation with the county court.

A plan to construct a new road from Prineville through Combs Flat to the timbered areas near Cadle Butte and Pilot Butte was proposed at this week's session of the Crook County Court by John Heriza, woods foreman of the Ochoco Lumber Company.

50 years ago

February 6, 1969

Broadway is coming to Prineville! The music department of Crook County High School is currently involved in intensive rehearsals on the Broadway musical "Brigadoon," written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe. The play will be presented on Monday and Tuesday evening. March 3-4, on stage at Ochoco Grade School. More than 100 students are involved in the production of actors, chorus, dancers, and orchestra.

A meeting of the Teacher Consultation Committee and the School Board was held in the library of the Prineville Junior High Tuesday evening. Chairman of the Consultation Committee Norma Richards informed the group that the teachers group rejected the board proposal of $6,400 base for the first step of the BA degree, with the present increments of $240, and $5 per month per employee insurance participation. Miss Richards said the vote was 113 No to 4 Yes. She asked for further consideration of the request of $260 and insurance participation.

1994: Cain Hall to be demolished at fairgrounds

Plans to construct a new road from Prineville through Combs Flat to the timbered areas near Cadle Butte and Pilot Butte was proposed 75 years ago

25 years ago

February 3, 1994

Firefighters arrived at a house Saturday morning and set it afire, not once, but several times, before letting the structure burn to the ground. It was a Burn to Learn exercise, an occasional event where a donated structure is given to the fire department for training. The Prineville Fire Department has about 50 volunteers. Most of them never have had much of a chance to get into the action during real fires.

Troopers with the Fish and Wildlife division of the Oregon State Police made three more arrests Wednesday in connection with recent elk and deer poachings in the Grizzly game unit. An investigation into the numerous elk and deer kills turned up information which led to the issuance of a search warrant and the subsequent arrest of three suspects. The arrests reflect a killing spree the suspects allegedly embarked on between mid-October and late-November of 1993. Several other individuals have been identified in the investigation and further arrests are forthcoming according to OSP.

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