Maggie Kasberger is lone Cowgirl to qualify for state meet

It wasn’t their best day, but the Crook County Cowboys did just enough to earn a return trip to the OSAA Class 4A State Cross Country GREG MUNN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Sam Santiago sprints towards the finish line during the Greater Oregon League district cross country championships which were held in Milton-Freewater. Santiago was the fourth Cowboy to finish and was 20th overall, helping the Cowboys to a second-place finish and a trip to the state meet.

The Cowboys narrowly edged La Grande to take second place at Saturday’s Greater Oregon League district championships.

“I was really pleased with how Sam Santiago ran,” said head coach Tracy Smith. “Part of the team was feeling terrible about their race, but they did the best that they could — that’s all I can say.”

Baker won the boys championship with 56 points. Crook County finished with 69, while La Grande was close behind with 71 and Ridgeview took fourth with 72 points. Ontario wound up fifth with 85 points, while host McLoughlin finished sixth with 154 points.

Grayson Munn led the Cowboy efforts, taking first place in the meet with a time of 16:43.20. The time was way slower than Munn’s season-best time. However, the senior was fortunate just to be able to run.

“I won, but I spent all last night in the emergency room,” Munn said Saturday afternoon after the race. “I had an allergic reaction. It was a little tough, but it’s all right. I’m on a bunch of medications but I’ll be fine by state.”

Munn’s adventure started Friday evening while the team was eating dinner. The senior is allergic to peanuts and apparently either some of his food or his utensils were contaminated with peanut oil. According to Smith, Munn’s face started to swell up and he got a rash on his chest and legs. Munn called 911 and was then transported by his parents from Milton-Freewater to Walla Walla, Wash., where the allergic reaction was treated.

“He didn’t tell me he was that bad off,” Smith said. “He didn’t get back until 12:30 at night from the hospital. It would have been awful if he didn’t get to compete at state.”

Baker’s Evan Krohn finished second with a time of 16:54. Nathan Carmack was the second Cowboy to cross the finish line, taking 10th with a time of 17:24.

“I felt like I?could have done a little better,” Carmack said. “I feel like I?can probably get a better time at state.”

Liam Pickhardt, who finished 16th with a time of 17:57.90, was also disappointed in his time.

“I didn’t really like the course that much and I was kind of disappointed with my performance, but I gave it may all so that’s all I can do,” he said. “I think that we will be able to taper for state and do better there.”

Although he was only fourth on the team, it was Santiago that Smith credited for the team’s second-place finish. While the top runners on the team all posted slower-than-normal times, Santiago had the best race of his career, finishing 20th overall with a personal-best time of 18:50.50, more than 20 seconds faster than his previous best.

“I’m really excited,” Santiago said. “It was a team effort, but I guess it was me that scored the points that made the difference. At state, I just want to run another PR and have our team do good.”

Blake George was next in line for the Cowboys, finishing 22nd with a time of 19:00.90. He was followed closely by Jesse Santiago (23rd in 19:02.50), and Justin Myers (24th in 19:04.20).

“There was a long downhill that was super fast,” Jesse Santiago said. “That’s where we made up all of our time. By the bottom of the hill, my feet were burning — that’s how long and fast it was.”

The Cowgirls, who were also expected to earn a berth at state, ended their season on a disappointing note.

Ridgeview won the girls meet with 45 points. Crook County and La Grande tied for second with 68 points, but La Grande was given second because their sixth-place runner was ahead of Crook County’s sixth runner. Baker was close behind in fourth with 70 points while McLoughlin was fifth with 93 points.

Smith believes that the race should never have been decided by a tiebreaker. Crook County’s fifth runner, Charsie Brewer, sprinted past La Grande’s fifth-place runner just before the finish line and appeared to finish in front of the La Grande runner. However, the event was chip timed and although Brewer finished ahead of the La Grande runner, she was given a time that was one tenth of a second slower and that turned out to be the entire difference in the meet.

“Everyone said that she was definitely ahead of the girl,” Smith said. “I don’t know how electronically it showed that girl ahead of Brewer.”

The lone Cowgirl to qualify for the state meet was Maggie Kasberger, who finished fifth overall with a time of 22:04.30.

“I started slow and sped it up as I went on,” Kasberger said of her race plan. “I was pretty confident that I would stay in the top seven.”

Kasberger was followed by Irene Morales (11th in 22:53.90), and Ashton Morgan (12th in 23:05.90). Brewer finished 20th with a time of 24:10.60, while Shannon Love, Payton Owens, and Jayana Hinkle finished 24th, 28th, and 29th respectively for the Cowgirls.

Dakota Steen of Ridgeview won the girls race with a time of 20:01.

“I know that the girls were sad for me because they felt that they let me down,” Smith said. “But they ran their hearts out. I have to say that they ran their best and that’s just the way that it came out.”

The state cross country championships will be held at Lane Community College in Eugene on Saturday, Nov. 2. Races are scheduled to start at 10 a.m., with the 3A/2A/1A girls race. The Class 4A girls race is set for 11:15 a.m., with the 4A?boys race set for 11:50 a.m. The final race of the day is the 6A boys race, which is scheduled to start at 3 p.m.

Greater Oregon League District Meet

at McLoughlin

Saturday, October 26

Boys team scores — 1. Baker, 56. 2. Crook County, 69. 3. La Grande, 71. 4. Ridgeview, 72. 5. Ontario, 85. 6. McLoughlin, 154.

Girls team scores — 1. Ridgeview, 45. 2. La Grande, 68. Wins second place by virtue of tiebreaker over Crook County. The sixth place runner from La Grande placed ahead of Crook County’s sixth place runner, breaking tie. 3. Crook County, 68. 4. Baker, 70. 5. McLoughlin, 93.

Boys varsity individual results — 1. Grayson Munn, CC., 16:43.20. 2. Evan Krohn, Bak., 16:54.00. 3. Collin Ball, Ont., 17:01.20. 4. Ian Krohn, Bak., 17:03.60. 5. James Seeley, Ridg., 17:05.00. 6. Todd Keniry, LG., 17:07.00. 8. Levi Lewis, Ont., 17:23.20. 9. Brennan Buckley-Noonan, Ridg., 17:23.80. 10. Nathan Carmack, CC., 17:24.00. 11. Rigo Sanchez, Ont., 17:42.50. 12. Taylor Hawes, Bak., 17:44.00. 13. Jacob Kinzer, Ridg., 17:47.10. 14. Keegan Dutto, LG., 17:48.60. 15. Austin Cousineau, McL., 17:55.50. 16. Liam Pickhardt, CC., 17:57.90. 17. Nate Baeth, Bak., 18:28.10. 19. Tony Clay, LG., 18:45.80. 20. Sam Santiago, CC., 18:50.50. 21. Cody Gyllenberg, Bak., 18:54.80. 22. Blake George, CC., 19:00.90. 23. Jesse Santiago, CC., 19:02.50. 24. Justin Myers, CC., 19:04.20. 25. Braden Crews, LG., 19:05.70. 26. Andrew Kain, McL., 19:13.10. 27. Sam Walker, Ridg., 19:13.70. 28. Ben Spaugh, Bak., 19:14.50. 29. Payton McGuire, Ridg., 19:22.80. 30. Szel Martinez, Ont., 19:24.90. 31. Franklin Bowers, Bak., 19:35.50. 33. Patrick Leathers, Ont., 19:49.20. 34. Jake Wilson, Ont., 19:56.70. 35. Corey Wettstein, Ont., 20:01.70. 36. Raudel Garcia, McL. 20:09.30. 37. Spencer Perry, LG. 20:11.40. 38. Cody Harmon, McL. 20:28.70. 39. Colin Dygert, McL. 21:10.00. 40. Beeck Thurman, LG. 21:32.00. 41. Mario Carrillo, McL. 21:58.50.

Girls varsity individual results — 1. Dakota Steen, Ridg. 20:01.00. 2. Josie Lonai, McL., 20:37.50. 3. Amanda Welch, LG., 21:05.10. 4. Susie Romero-Diaz, McL. 21:35.10. 5. Maggie Kasberger, CC, 22:04.30. 6. Alyssa Shaffer, Ridg. 22:14.00. 7. Makenzie Whitney, Ridg. 22:22.10. 8. Matea Huggins, Bak. 22:31.50. 9. Sarah Spaugh, Bak. 22:47.50. 10. Beth Leavitt, Ridg. 22:50.50. 11. Irene Morales, CC., 22:53.90. 12. Ashton Morgan, CC., 23:05.60. 13. Anna Payton, Bak., 23:12.80. 14. Jackie Wanta, LG., 23:20.20. 15. Laney Wood, LG., 23:34.40. 16. Julie Hernandez, Ont., 23:46.90. 17. Grace Huggins, Bak., 23:57.90. 18. Jasmin Rock, Ont., 23:58.70. 19. Hayley Crews, LG., 24:10.50. 20. Charsie Brewer, CC., 24:10.60. 21. Rachel Elligsen, LG., 24:12.40. 22. Grace Ridder, LG., 24:26.50. 23. Willo True, Ridg., 25:08.40. 24. Shannon Love, CC., 25:13.50. 25. Quinn Kinzer, Ridg., 25:19.00. 26. Josie Stearns, Bak., 25:20.80. 27. Elena Capson, Ridg., 25:21.90. 28. Payton Owens, CC., 25:23.20. 29. Jayana Hinkle, CC., 26:36.40. 30. Maria Saldana, McL., 27:24.20. 31. Mindy Harmon, McL. 27:24.90. 32. Jessica Romero, McL., 28:50.20.

Boys JV individual results (Crook County only) — 1. Michael Seyl, CC., 19:40.90. 2. Connor Chaney, CC., 19:59.30. 3. Justin Glass, CC., 20:15.80. 4. Dustin Seyl, CC., 20:26.10. 5. Stephen Dalton, CC., 20:29.00. 8. Reilly Connolly,?CC., 21:45.30. 11. Chad Disjardines, CC., 24:02.00. 12. Darnell Gorrgquifta, CC., 25:50.50.

Girls JV individual results — 1. Tobi Hanes, CC., 25:43.50.

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