Prineville resident successfully competes while on senior trip in Scotland

In June, Franklin Carroll took three of his grandchildren to Scotland for a graduation present.

One of those grandchildren was Isaac Moore, of Prineville.PHOTO COURTESY OF FRANKLIN CARROLL - Isaac Moore displays the trophy he won for taking first in the junior division of the Strathmore Highland Games, which take place annually in County Dublin, Scotland. Moore was visiting Scotland for his senior trip after graduating from Crook County High School earlier this summer.

"My grandfather took me and my cousins over there for my senior trip," Moore said. "We visited every major cathedral, and we saw a lot of monuments. We visited Loch Ness, basically we did everything we could over there."

Moore, who was 17 at the time, has competed in highland games competitions for years.

His grandfather searched the internet and called ahead, finding a highland games competition for Moore to compete in while they were in Scotland.

"My grandfather called ahead a couple months earlier to see if there was someplace that we could participate and to see if we needed to get a ticket or something, and they just said 'come by and they will sign me up'," Moore said. "It was fun, and it was more authentic than here."

The games that Moore competed in were in Strathmore, a region in County Dublin.

Not only did Moore have fun in the competition, he was very successful.

He won both the caber toss and the weight for distance events as he went on to win the junior division all-around championship at the games.

"I actually didn't think that I would win," Moore said. "There was a lot of competition."

Moore added that even though he was an outsider at the competition, he was well accepted.

"Everyone accepted it and congratulated me," he said. "It was like winning the highland games at home. Given a chance, I would definitely do it again."

Moore said that there were individuals from all over the United Kingdom at the competition as well as a fairly large group of American spectators.

He noted that there were a lot of booths set up as well as marching bands and a bagpipe competition.

"They looked like the highland games here, just on a larger scale," he said.

Moore said that one of the things that surprised him the most is that there were only four events in the competition, while in the United States there are often six or more events.

Besides the Caber and weight for distance, there was also the hammer throw and the ball and chain weight for distance.

"I asked about having so few events, and they said that when the highland games went to America, every American wanted to start showing off, so they did random things," he said. "That's why I said that it was more authentic."

Moore added that the entire trip was fun, but he really enjoyed the competition.

"As soon as I finished the event, two girls from California came by and said good job competing," he said. "It was really fun. It's hard to explain it."

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