Prineville Swim Team uses depth to dominate Cascade East swimmingchampionships

LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Teagan Freeman swims to victory in the girls 13-14 200-meter freestyle at the Cascade East District Swimming Championships, which were held this past weekend in Prineville. Freeman won with a time of 2:50.20. She won five races and finished second in two more as Prineville won the district title. The Prineville Swim Team split into two separate teams for much of the season as they worked to get better competition for their top swimmers.

The strategy worked better than the team could possibly imagine, as with the team back together, Prineville dominated the Cascade East District Championships.

"I think our explosion in numbers helped a lot this year," head coach Halley Estes said following the meet. "When it's all Prineville team members in the finals for some of the races, it makes me very proud."

Hosting the district championships, which were held Friday through Sunday, could have put additional pressure on the team. Instead, virtually the entire team contributed as Prineville amassed 915 points to finish more than 350 points ahead of second-place Lakeview.

Lakeview finished with 562 points, while John Day was third with 388, and Hi-Desert Swim Team of Burns was a distant fourth with 211 points.

Prineville had the top point getter in five of the 10 age group divisions, and in three of the groups had four of the top five point getters.

With so many swimmers scoring big points, it's no wonder that the team dominated. However, even the swimmers who weren't in contention for high-point honors still showed massive improvement from the beginning of the year.

"I feel like our team has come a long ways from the beginning of the year," said Teagan Freeman, who earned high-point honors in the girls 13-14 age group after winning five events and taking second in two more. "We have grown a lot stronger individually and together more as a team this year."

Freeman was awarded the Richard Bogart Memorial award, which goes to the male and female swimmer with the highest point totals in the meet.

Emma Holliday, who earned high-point recognition in the girls 11-12 age group, agreed.

"There have been some ups and downs this year, but district was amazing," she said. "In my age group, for example, we've had girls in first through fourth place in virtually every event. We get up super early in the morning. Practice starts at 6:30 a.m., and we do that every day for the summer, and then when we finally get to the meets like this and we win, it's worth it in the end."

Holliday ended up with four wins in the meet, while amassing 37 points to win her age group.

Other Prineville high-point winners included Hayden Decker, who won the girls eight and under LON AUSTIN;/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Ward Rhoden loses his goggles during the 200-meter freestyle race. Despite the difficulties, Rhoden was still able to finish the race.division with 30 points, Jimmie Fewell, who win the boys eight and under age group with 165 points, Cameron Carr, who amassed 36 points to win the boys 11-12 age group, and Garrett McMichael, who scored 41 points as he won the boys 15-18 age group.

Those five swimmers were far from the only swim team members to score big points.

In the girls eight and under division, Madilyn Bell had the second highest point total with 25, while Ariel Wilber was third with 18, and Megan Catterson and Ellie Grogan were tied for fifth with 10 points apiece.

Following Fewell, Logan Griffin was tied for second in the boys eight and under division with 14 points.

In the boys 9-10 age group, Caleb Decker finished third overall with 25 points, while Brady Hugie was fourth with 15, and Landon Lockling was fifth with 11 points.

In the girls 11-12 division, Keera Morgan had the third highest point total with 25, while Pati Carne was fourth with 17, and Gabriela Wood was fifth with 15 points.

Maison Bell was fifth in the boys 11-12 age group, scoring 15 points, while Rylee Sakraida was second behind Freeman in the girls 13-14 age group with 28 points.

Emma Hehn also had a solid meet, scoring 26 points to finish in third place in the girls 15-18 division.

Then came the boys 15-18 division, which was totally dominated by the Prineville Swim Team.

Behind McMichael's high point total, Noah Todd was third with 24 points, Emilio Todd was fourth with 19 points, and Nathan Todd and Marshal Raymond tied for fifth with 12 points each.

With so many swimmers finishing high up in the point totals, it's no wonder that Prineville dominated the meet.

Despite the large final margin of victory, it wasn't until the final event of Friday evening that Prineville finally took the team lead.

Lakeview swimmers looked strong early as they won three of the first four races of the meet.

However, with Holliday leading a four-person sweep of the girls 11-12 200-meter freestyle, Prineville was able to stay close to Lakeview.

Holliday finished with a time of 3:18.03. She was followed by Wood, 3:21.81, Carne, 3:23.49, and Morgan, 3:25.27.

A Freeman win in the girls 13-14 200-meter freestyle, 2:50.20, coupled with a third from Sakraida, 2:57.76, and a fifth by Aniha Wilber, 3:16.72, pulled Prineville even closer.

However, when the team was shut out in the boys 13-14 200-meter freestyle race, Lakeview once again pulled ahead.

Hehn finished third in the girls 15-18 200-meter freestyle with a time of 2:41.79. However, Lakeview's Alex Conley won with a time of 2:36.02, helping the visitors stay ahead.

However, the Prineville team showed their depth in the boys 15-18 200-meter freestyle event as they took seven of the first eight places in the race. McMichael won the race with a time of 2:34.82. Emilio Todd came away with third place in 2:41.20, while Nathan Todd was fourth, 2:46.00, Noah Todd fifth, 2:46.14, Raymond sixth, 2:52.69.

Although only six places were scored, a seventh by Wyatt Holliday, 3:00.13, and an eighth by Dallen Nixon, 3:51.10, just further underscored Prineville's team depth.

With 17 points in the event, Prineville took the lead as the meet shut down for the evening.

The team never looked back, opening up a larger and larger lead as the meet went on.

Saturday morning started with Decker, Bell, Ariel Wilber and Catterson taking second through fifth place in the girls eight and under 50-meter freestyle.

When Fewell won the boys eight and under 50-meter freestyle, 1:04.80, and Thaddaeus Estes finished fourth, 1:14.64, Prineville was rolling.

Holliday picked up her second win of the meet in the girls 11-12 100-meter freestyle as she led a Prineville sweep of the first four places.

Holliday's finished in 1:28.22. Wood was second in 1:29.33 followed by Morgan, 1:33.37, and Carne, 1:35.20.

Carr added a second in the boys 11-12 100-meter freestyle with a time of 1:20.87. Max Gallagher of Lakeview edged Carr for first with a time of 1:20.62 in one of the closest races of the meet.

Birch Barker finished fifth in the event, 1:27.14, while Zachary Levesque was sixth in 1:29.94.

Freeman won again in the girls 13-14 100-meter freestyle race with a time of 1:16.31. Sakraida was fourth in 1:24.50, while Aniha Wilber was fifth with a time of 1:28.16.

Prineville then took second through sixth in the boys 15 and over 100-meter freestyle with McMichael finishing in 1:07.70, Noah Todd third in 1:09.42, Nathan Todd fourth, 1:14.93, Marshal Raymond fifth, 1:16.22, and Emilio Todd sixth, 1:25.65.

Madilyn Bell picked up her lone win in the girls 8U 25-meter breaststroke, winning in a time of 30.16.

Decker was second in 38.81, while Ariel Wilber was fourth in 40.44.

Carr, who won four events, led a one-two-three sweep of the boys 11-12 50-meter breaststroke by the swim team.

Carr finished in 45.89, Maison Bell was second in 47.08, and Levesque third in 47.20. Nathan DelaPena also picked up a point in the event, taking sixth with a time of 52.22.

Freeman and Sakraida followed up Carr's victory with a one-two finish in the girls 13-14 100-meter breaststroke. Freeman finished in 1:40.68, while Sakraida had a time of 1:46.01. Nevaeh Tyger also placed in the race, taking fifth with a time of 1:53.39.

McMichael, who won three races overall, took LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Garrett McMichael competes in the boys 15-18 100-meter butterfly. McMichael finished second in the race to teammate Emilio Todd, but won high-point honors for the division with 41 points in the meet.first in the boys 100-meter breaststroke with a time of 1:23.99, more than 10 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher.

Wyatt Holliday was third in the race with a time of 1:38.88, while Noah Todd was fourth, 1:52.18, Nixon fifth, 1:52.03 and Emilio Todd sixth, 2:01.70.

Decker picked up her second win of the meet in the girls 8U 100-meter individual medley with a time of 2:42.69. Ariel Wilber finished second with a time of 2:46.97.

Holliday and Morgan finished one-two in the girls 11-12 100-meter individual medley with times of 1:44.22 and 1:46.37 respectively, while Carne was fourth, 1:50.99 and Wood was fifth, 1:54.43.

Carr won the boys 11-12 individual medley in 1:33.70, while Maison Bell was fifth, 1:40.31, and Birch Barker was sixth, 1:46.57.

Freeman and Sakraida went one-two again in the girls 13-14 200-meter individual medley with Freeman winning in 3:17.01, while Sakraida finished with a time of 3:33.01.

McMichael picked up another win in the boys 15-18 individual medley with a time of 2:52.31. Noah Todd finished third, 3:16.66, Nathan Todd fourth, 3:23.36, Emilio Todd fifth, 3:26.79, and Raymond sixth, 3:26.92.

Saturday ended with the first relay races of the meet, and Prineville took first in six of the 10 races contested.

Ariel Wilber, Madilyn Bell, Ellie Grogan and Hayden Decker won the girls 8 and under 100-medley relay with a time of 2:07.30. Megan Catterson, Ilsa Ptomey, Ashtyn Binder and Hazey Hammack would have finished second, but they were unfortunately disqualified.

Paige Wood, Mia Levesque, Lilly Amen-Lane and Gretchen Fewell then placed second in the girls 10 and under 100-meter medley relay with a time of 1:55.98.

The Prineville Swim team finished first and second in the boys 10 and under 100-meter medley relay as Brady Hogtie, Riddley Barker, Caleb Decker and Luke Grogan won in 1:49.04, while Colten Mcvicker, Ward Rhoden, Landon Lockling and Wyatt Kind were second with a time of 1:52.09.

The swim team finished first and fourth in the girls 12 and under 200-meter medley relay as Keera Morgan, Corley Holliday, Emma Holliday and Gabriela Wood easily won in 3:15.36, while Haylee Noland, Pati Carne, Noa Binder and Grace Budre were fourth with a time of 4:04.34.

The boys 12 and under medley relay team also won as Birch Barker, Carr, Maison Bell and Levesque swam to victory in a time of 3:11.12.

Tyger, Sakraida, Freeman and Aniha Wilber won the girls 14 and under medley relay with a time of 3:36.85, while Nathan Todd, McMichael, Emilio Todd and Noah Todd took first in the boys 18 and under relay with a time of 2:29.64 to close out Saturday's races.

After running preliminary races Sunday morning, temperatures soared to over 100 degrees for Sunday's finals.

However, that didn't seem to bother the Prineville team.

Megan Catterson, 28.41, Ariel Wilber, 29.33, Madilyn Bell, 29.75, Ellie Grogan, 30.91, Hayden Decker, 32.75, and Ashtyn Binder, 32.81, swept the girls 8 and under 25-meter backstroke, the first final of the day.

Brady Hugie won the boys 9-10 50-meter backstroke in 51.61, while Caleb Decker was fourth, 58.89, Riddley Barker fifth, 1:00.33, and Luke Grogan sixth, 1:01.84.

Keera Morgan picked up her lone win in the girls 11-12 50-meter backstroke with a time of 46.56, while Carne was second, 48.58, and Emma Holliday fourth, 52.47.

Carr, Maison Bell, Birch Barker and Levesque all placed in the boys 11-12 backstroke, with Carr winning in 43.82. Bell was second, 45.54, Barker fifth, 49.38, and Levesque sixth, 53.54.

After the win, Carr commented on the heat.

"The weather was just fine once you got in the water," he said. "But it was really hot outside and made you really tired. I think the team did really good."

Hayden Decker, 30.88, Madilyn Bell, 31.72, and Ellie Grogan, 33.16, swept the first three places in the girls eight and under 25-meter butterfly.

Then Logan Griffin picked up a victory in the boys eight and under 25-meter butterfly.

Emilio Todd picked up his lone win of the meet in the boys 15-18 100-meter butterfly with a time of 1:15.18. McMichael finished second in 1:22.71, Raymond third, 1:25.10, Nathan Todd fifth, 1:36.42, and Noah Todd sixth in 1:37.76.

"I feel like the meet has gone amazing," Emilio Todd aid. "I improved by four seconds in the span of four hours from the prelims to the finals."

Todd could still swim competitively next year in the swim team's master's program, but will not be eligible to compete at district.

I'm going to miss it a lot," he said. "I'm going to miss talking to the other team, racing against them, and just having a lot of fun."

Logan Griffin and Jimmie Fewell finished one-two in the boys eight and under 25-meter freestyle, while Emma Holliday and Carr each picked up victories in their respective divisions of the 50-meter freestyle.

Freeman won her final event, dominating the girls 13-14 50-meter freestyle, while Noah Todd, McMichael, and Emilio Todd went one-two-three in the boys 15-18 50-meter race.

With the sun beating down midway through the afternoon, the meet closed with the freestyle relays and once again team depth was displayed as the Prineville Swim Team won seven of the 10 relays to close out the meet.

Hayden Decker, Ellie Grogan, Ariel Wilber and Madilyn Bell won the girls eight and under 100-meter freestyle relay with a time of 1:49.19. Megan Catterson, Ilsa Ptomey, Hazey Hammack and Ashtyn Binder were second in 2:12.16, while Kaeli Griffin, Adisynne Hensley, Claire Mickle and Abigail Griffin were third in 2:39.15.

Thaddaeus Estes, Logan Griffin, August Baertlein and Jimmie Fewell then won the boys eight and under race with a time of 2:08.21.

In the boys 10 and under race, the Prineville team finished first and second as Brady Hugie, Landon Lockling, Luke Grogan and Caleb Decker won with a time of 1:30.29, while Wyatt King, Colten Mcvicker, Ward Rhoden and Riddley Barker took second in 1:43.47. In the girls 12 and under 200-meter freestyle, Keera Morgan, Gabriela Wood, Pati Carne and Emma Holliday swam to victory with a time of 2:50.58 while Haylee Noland, Noa Binder, Rylie Gibson and Corley Holliday were third with a time of 3:17.65.

The swim team finished one-two in the boys 12 and under freestyle relay as Zachary Levesque, Maison Bell, Birch Barker and Carr took first in 2:37.05 while Duke Wentzel, Cade Grogan, Damin Spry and Nathan DelaPena were second with a time of 3:01.54.

Sakraida, Aniha Wilber, Tyger and Freeman won the girls 14 and under freestyle relay before Noah Todd, McMichael, Raymond and Emilio Todd closed out the meet with a victory in the boys 18 and under relay with a time of 2:08.42.

"Everyone has gotten faster, and everyone has done amazing," Emilio Todd said. "If you can swim, join the swim team because it's super fun. It lasts all summer. You have something to do on weekends, and you make a family."

Coach Estes was proud of the team's performance at the meet, but even more importantly, she was pleased with how hard the team worked all season.

"The highlight of the season is seeing the kids in the pool every morning working hard," she said. "The kids earned it, and they did great."

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