Jason Calquhoun outdistances Jesse Ordonez to win 5K while Luke Walker dominates 10K race

 - Jason Calquhoun reaches the finish line of the 5K portion of the Lord's Acre Run. Calquhoun finished first with a time of 19:11.

It was a cool and blustery day on Saturday, Nov. 3, as runners and walkers took to the roads around Powell Butte for the annual Lord's Acre Run.

The race, which is a part of the Lord's Acre Day celebration, gives runners an opportunity to burn off calories before giving each athlete a slice of pie following the finish.

Although everyone gets pie, the winners received an entire pie rather than a slice.

With dessert on their minds, 74 runners and walkers took to the starting line.

As the gun went off to start the race, several runners sprinted to the front, while other competitors waited until the runners were out of the way before leisurely walking away from the starting line.

Jason Calquhoun left the starting line in fourth or fifth place, but by the time the 5K race had reached the midpoint of the out and back course, Calquhoun was fully in control. Calquhoun remained in front the remainder of the race as he finished first with a time of 19:11. Calquhoun was also the winner of the 46-56 age group.

Jesse Ordonez, who was in front early on, held on to finish second with a time of 19:25, while Christopher Gassner took third with a time of 21:08.

Ordonez also earned a pie as winner of the 13-19 age group, while Gassner won the 57-68 age group.

The fourth overall competitor was Karly Nash, who finished in a time of 21:19 to win both the women's portion of the race and the women's 46-56 age group.

Ellie Calquhoun was the second woman finisher, crossing the line in seventh overall with a time of 23:16, good enough to easily win the women's 12 and under age group.

Other men's 5K age group winners included Brian Earls (36-45), Rod Thompson (69 and over), Garfield Cordell (12 and under), and David Bartle (20-35).

Women's age group winners included Maria Madden (57-68), Kayla Williams (20-35), Makenzie Manley (13-19), Carissa Thomason (36-45), and Kay Johnson (69 and over).

While the front runners raced to the finish line, the walkers took their time, enjoying conversation and the views along the course.

By the time the final walkers reached the finish line, most of the runners in the 10K race had already reached the finish line.

Those final walkers included Kelli Sloper, 55:45, Ron Sloper, 55:46, Jeanne Smith, 56:04, and Pamela Tennant, who brought up the rear in the 5K race with a time of 58:20.

Meanwhile, Luke Walker ran away from the field to easily win the 10K race, completing the loop course in a time of 41:16. Walker was also the men's 46-56 age group winner.

 - Riva Johnson races to the finish line in the 10K portion of the Lord's Acre Run. Johnson finished second overall, winning both the women's overall title and the women's 46-56 age group in the race with a time of 43:49. Women took the next two positions in the 10K race as Riva Johnson raced to second in a time of 43:49, while Sarah Azril was third in a time of 45:40. Johnson was also the women's 46-56 age group winner, while Azril was the women's 20-35 age group winner.

Finishing fourth was Kyle Newton, who won the men's 13-19 age group with a time of 46:02, while Scott Abrams rounded out the top five with a time of 46:15, good enough to win the men's 57-68 age group.

Other age group winners in the 10K included Noah Felton, who won the men's 12U race, Chris Felton, men's 36-45 winner, Jane Cleavenger, winner of the women's 57-68 age group, and Meghan Pearson, the winner of the women's 36-45 age group.

Just Wiskie Stout and Jenny Nelson finished behind the final walkers in the 5K race as they ran to the finish line in times of 60:04 and 60:11, respectively.

Lord's Acre Run

Powell Butte

Saturday, November 3

5K results — 1. Jason Calquhoun, 19:11. 2. Jesse Ordonez, 19:25. 3. Christopher Gassner, 21:08. 4. Karly Nash, 21:29. 5. Brian Earls, 21:53. 6. Rod Thompson, 23:12. 7. Ellie Calquhoun, 23:16. 8. Garfield Cordell, 23:35. 9. Kurt Noonan, 23:46. 10. Jim Perry, 24:25. 11. Jason Chaney, 25:57. 12. Bob Trautner, 26:28. 13. Richard Fixott, 26:29. 14. Cale Pearson, 27:07. 15. Maria Madden, 27:45. 16. Evangeline Cordell, 28:22. 17. Jaime Manley, 28:57. 18. Rex Cordell, 29:10. 19. Beth Pengra, 29:48. 20. Kayla Williams, 30:22. 21. Makenzie Manley, 31:13. 22. Quinn Belding, 32:43. 23. James Manley, 32:46. 24. Clay Thomason, 33:18. 25. Carissa Thomason, 33:19. 26. Casey Dickey, 34:45. 27. Angie Miller, 41:05. 28. Diana Cole, 41:07. 29. Sammy Thornton, 43:34. 30. Corinna Pease, 45:42. 31. Tanya Towne 45:42. 32. Lew Hollander, 46:47. 33. Ben Hargis, 47:35. 34. Kay Johnson, 47:35. 35. Amy Hargis, 47:36. 36. Krista Carpenter, 47:57. 37. Sandra Sevilla, 47:58. 38. McKinley Sloper, 48:20. 39. Morgan Sloper, 48:58. 40. Kurt Sloper, 49:30. 41. David Bartle, 49:47. 42. Katie Thornton, 50:13. 43. Steve Greening, 50:25. 44. Linda Hehn, 50:25. 45. Laurie Knox, 50:31. 46. Barb Bayless, 50:34. 47. Judy French, 50:34. 48. Vallerie Goodman, 50:52. 49. Amber Humphreys, 51:37. 50. Layne Townsend, 51:38. 51. Leo Puckett, 51:38. 52. Wayne Goodman, 53:22. 53. Nora Weed, 53:56. 54. Bob Weed, 53:58. 55. Kelli Sloper, 55:45. 56. Ron Sloper, 55:46. 57. Jeanne Smith, 56:04. 58. Pamela Tennant, 58:20.

10K results — 1. Luke Walker, 41:16. 2. Riva Johnson, 43:49. 3. Sarah Azril, 45:40. 4. Kyle Newton, 46:02. 5. Scott Abrams, 46:15. 6. Robert Towne, 46:56. 7. Sam Erickson, 48:20. 8. Noah Felton, 48:58. 9. Chris Felton, 48:59. 10. Ronda Sundermeier, 49:01. 11. Pia Snowbeck, 49:18. 12. Jane Cleavenger, 50:51. 13. Meghan Pearson, 51:46. 14. Marcy Middleton, 52:32. 15. Wiskie Stout, 60:04. 16. Jenny Nelson, 60:11.

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