Golf course is leasing four Finn Cycles, which can be used instead of golf carts adding fun to a round of golf

LON AUSTIN/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - One of the four Finn Cycles that Meadow Lakes has leased sits ready for play. The cycles cost $21 per round of golf.Meadow Lakes Golf Course is known for its innovative ideas, such as the annual anything goes tournament, where the course is rearranged as players hit from tees to different holes than normal.

Now, the golf course is once again trying something new. This time they have leased four Finn Golf Cycles.

The electric cycles are available to rent instead of a golf cart.

The cycles have a mount for golf bags, a pair of platforms to place your feet on, and driving woods for kick stands.

"They came in last Thursday," Meadow Lakes head professional Zach Lampert said. "Friday was employee testing and then they first went out for rent on Saturday."

The cycles are on a three-year lease, and will be owned by the Meadow Lakes once the lease is over.

"I went out early and had a good time," Lampert said. "We went back out that afternoon and had a lot of fun. That's been kind of the feedback so far from everybody that has rented it. It is fun and it's different."

The cycles cost slightly more to rent than a golf cart, costing $21 for 18-holes, or $13 for nine.

The cycle's designer says that the goal is to make a round of golf faster. However, Lampert said that unless the course used a fleet of cycles instead of golf carts, players shouldn't expect to speed up play significantly.

"The day we played, there were three of us on cycles, and we did feel like we did play a little faster, but overall, unless you have a whole fleet of them, you probably are not going to notice," he said. "The thing that I like about these is that they are really easy to ride, just get on it and go with little training, and they are really stable. I think that it will generate a little buzz. We put it on social media and the feedback was good. I think we will get a lot of people who want to come out and try it. So far we've got one guy hooked. One of our members just loves it."

Lampert added that if the demand is there, over time, Meadow Lakes may add more cycles, depending on the interest level. In the meantime, if you want to try one out, he recommends calling in advance to make sure they are available.

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