Crooked River Roundup organizers had to rush, but the 75th rodeo was a big success

LON AUSTIN - Dalton Massey grabs hold during his steer wrestling run. Massey scored a time of 7.6, but that wasn't good enough to place. D.J. Parker, a tie-down roper and team roper, won the all-around cowboy title at the 75th Annual Crooked River Roundup last weekend.

2020 was supposed to be the 75th Annual Crooked River Roundup.

Instead, COVID shut the world of sports down.

As members of the Crooked River Roundup board worked to prepare for the 2021 edition of the Roundup, they didn't know if things would actually happen or not until much later than usual.

"I think it was critical to be able to run things this year," Roundup president Jason Snider said. "To try to even navigate through a second year of not being able to go would probably cripple the Roundup. I don't know how to, I just want to thank everyone who made things possible. We put a lot of effort in seven weeks to put together what it normally seven or eight months to do. We're not perfect and we are still navigating through some struggles so I think just hats off to the committee and the volunteers because this was not easy to do. This was a great effort involved in creating this and we are just tickled. Tickled with the outcome and tickled with the support."

The Roundup started with slack Thursday morning and ran through Saturday night, running before packed houses during each of the three nightly performances. Because of COVID regulations, organizers had worked hard to provide opportunities for people to spread out and have space, but those preparations turned out to be largely unnecessary as the vast majority of spectators chose to sit together in the main grandstands.

"I think it kind of speaks to the community," Snider said of the crowd. "It speaks to the people. They really don't have a problem being next to each other. They had an option to spread out. They could very easily have an opportunity to be in places where they didn't have to be on top of each other if they didn't want to be, but they chose to stay together and it made for a good show."

After a lost year, it could have been possible to struggle to find competitors. Instead, this year's Roundup saw record participation. And, it wasn't just large numbers of entrants — there were a solid number of both former National Finals Rodeo participants, but also a number of former national champions.

The rodeo also had a record $168,721 in total purse.

D.J. Parker won the all-around cowboy competition, earning $2,731 competing in tie-down roping and team roping.

Trenton Montero won a fiercely competitive bareback competition with 82.5 points, riding Dirty Harry. Cooper Bennett was a close second with a score of 81, while Bronc Marriott was third with a score of 80.

Dillon Hushour won the first go round of steer wrestling with a time of 5.2 seconds, while Dakota Eldridge won the second go round with a time of 5.6 seconds. Jesse Brown won the average with a two-head total of 12 seconds, while Ty Erickson was second with a time of 12.6 and Stetson Jorgensen was third with a time of 12.7 seconds.

Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison won the first go round of team roping with a time of 5.6 seconds, while Tucker Menz and Cole Curry won the second go round with a time of 5.2 seconds. Luke Brown and Hunter Koch won the average with a time of 11.2 seconds for two runs, while Blake Hirdes and Dalton Pearce finished second with a time of 12.5 seconds.

There was a tie for first place in the first go-round of tie-down roping as Caleb Smidt and Cody Craig each posted a time of 8.6 seconds. Spencer Moulton won the second go round in 7.6 seconds. Caleb Smidt won the average with a time of 17.3 seconds on two head, while Matt Shiozawa was second in 18.6 seconds.

Jackie Ganter and Casey Mathis tied for first place in barrel racing with times of 17.38 seconds, while Chelsie Stodghill took third in 17.44 seconds.

Matt Roberson took first in steer roping with a time of 12.5 seconds, while Clay Long was second, 13.2, and Todd Dickson was third with a time of 15.4 seconds.

Saddle bronc riding was won by Ben Anderson with a score of 86 points on Second Thoughts, while Logan Cook was second, 83, and Johnny Espeland and Kade Bruno tied for third with scores of 81.

Bull riding was won by Garrett Smith with a score of 85 points on Westec. Wyatt Covington finished second with a score of 83.5, while Ruger Piva was third with a score of 80.5.

Breakaway roping was also contested at the Roundup, but no results were available as of press time.

Snider noted that it took a concerted effort from a large number of individuals to make this year's Roundup happen.

"I want to make sure that there is a thank you to the fairgrounds staff, all the people that made it happen," he said. "It was tough. It was hard. If I could, I would just like to mention the sacrifices that these volunteers make from their families and their jobs and using all their resources – from personal and business resources. The fact that they set their families aside to do this, we just can't thank them enough."

Crooked River Roundup

Prineville, Ore., June 24-26

All-around cowboy: D.J. Parker, $2,731, tie-down roping and team roping.

Bareback riding: 1. Trenten Montero, 82.5 points on Four Star Rodeo's Dirty Harry, $2,800; 2. Cooper Bennett, 81, $2,147; 3. Bronc Marriott, 80, $1,587; 4. Orin Larsen, 79.5, $1,027; 5. R.C. Landingham, 79, $653; 6. (tie) Kody Lamb and Mathew Turner, 78.5, $420 each; 8. (tie) Taylor Broussard and Cooper Clemens, 74, $140 each.

Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Dillon Hushour, 5.2 seconds, $1,616; 2. Trell Etbauer, 5.5, $1,337; 3. Jesse Brown, 6.1, $1,059; 4. Stetson Jorgensen, 6.2, $780; 5. (tie) Jake Kraupie and Ty Erickson, 6.7, $390 each. Second round: 1. Dakota Eldridge, 5.6 seconds, $1,616; 2. (tie) Jesse Brown and Ty Erickson, 5.9, $1,198 each; 4. (tie) Paul Bianchi and J.D. Struxness, 6.0, $641 each; 6. Stetson Jorgensen, 6.5, $279. Average: 1. Jesse Brown, 12.0 seconds on two head, $2,424; 2. Ty Erickson, 12.6, $2,006; 3. Stetson Jorgensen, 12.7, $1,588; 4. Sterling Lambert , 15.4, $1,170; 5. J.D. Struxness, 15.6, $752; 6. Mike McGinn, 15.9, $418.

Team roping: First round: 1. Chad Masters/Joseph Harrison, 5.6 seconds, $1,686 each; 2. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 5.7, $1,466; 3. (tie) Blake Hirdes/Dalton Pearce, Dustin Egusquiza/Travis Graves and D.J. Parker/Tanner Smith, 5.8, $1,026 each; 6. Nelson Wyatt/Levi Lord, 5.9, $587; 7. Garrett Rogers/Jake Minor, 6.0, $367; 8. Coy Rahlmann/Douglas Rich, 6.1, $147. Second round: 1. Tucker Menz/Cole Curry, 5.2 seconds, $1,686 each; 2. (tie) Luke Brown/Hunter Koch and Hayes Smith/Justin Davis, 5.6, $1,356 each; 4. (tie) Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp and Blake Hirdes/Dalton Pearce, 5.7, $917 each; 6. (tie) Bryan Reay/Phoenix Everano and Reno Stoebner/Pace Blanchard, 6.2, $477 each; 8. Clay Tryan/Jake Long, 6.3, $147. Average: 1. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 11.3 seconds on two head, $2,530 each; 2. Blake Hirdes/Dalton Pearce, 11.5, $2,200; 3. (tie) D.J. Parker/Tanner Smith and Chad Masters/Joseph Harrison, 12.4, $1,705 each; 5. Reno Stoebner/Pace Blanchard, 12.7, $1,210; 6. Clay Tryan/Jake Long, 12.8, $880; 7. Bryan Reay/Phoenix Everano, 12.9, $550; 8. Coy Aldrich/Dillon Bahem, 15.2, $220.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Ben Andersen, 86 points on Big Stone Rodeo Inc's Second Thoughts, $3,604; 2. Logan Cook, 83, $2,763; 3. (tie) Johnny Espeland and Kade Bruno, 81, $1,682 each; 5. Dawson Hay, 80, $841; 6. Kolby Wanchuk, 79.5, $601; 7. Tim Ditrich, 78.5, $481; 8. (tie) Charlie Barker and Parker Kempfer, 74, $180 each.

Tie-down roping: First round: 1. (tie) Caleb Smidt and Cody Craig, 8.6 seconds, $2,090 each; 3. Jake Pratt, 8.9, $1,653; 4. Andrew Burks, 9.1, $1,361; 5. (tie) John Douch and Michael Otero, 9.2, $924 each; 7. Tuf Case Cooper, 9.3, $486; 8. Justin Parke, 9.4, $194. Second round: 1. Spencer Moulton, 7.6 seconds, $2,236; 2. Caleb Smidt, 8.7, $1,944; 3. (tie) Matt Shiozawa, Quade Hiatt and Taylor Santos, 9.1, $1,361 each; 6. Haven Meged, 9.3, $778; 7. (tie) Blake Chauvin and Bo Pickett, 9.7, $340 each. Average: 1. Caleb Smidt, 17.3 seconds on two head, $3,354; 2. Matt Shiozawa, 18.6, $2,917; 3. Blake Chauvin, 19.4, $2,479; 4. Tuf Case Cooper , 19.5, $2,042; 5. Taylor Santos, 19.6, $1,604; 6. Haven Meged, 20.0, $1,167; 7. (tie) John Douch and Thomas Conway, 20.1, $510 each.

Barrel racing: 1. (tie) Jackie Ganter and Casey Mathis, 17.38 seconds, $2,925 each; 3. Chelsie Stodghill, 17.44, $2,113; 4. Jessie Telford, 17.50, $1,625; 5. Tanya Jones, 17.69, $1,300; 6. (tie) Lexie Goss and Kaycie Rae Kayser, 17.71, $894 each; 8. Ali Anton, 17.74, $731; 9. Colleen Kingsbury, 17.76, $650; 10. (tie) Kelley Carrington and Emily McKinnies, 17.81, $528 each; 12. Tristan Parrish, 17.86, $406; 13. (tie) Taylor Eller and Danyelle Williams, 17.87, $284 each; 15. (tie) Madison Camozzi, Michelle Alley and Kacey Gartner, 17.88, $54 each.

Steer roping: First round: 1. Matt Roberson, 12.5 seconds, $1,110; 2. Clay Long, 13.2, $919; 3. Todd Dickson, 15.4, $727; 4. Tom Sorey, 16.2, $536; 5. Trey Wallace, 18.2, $344; 6. Howdy McGinn, 20.7, $191. Second round: 1. Roger Nonella, 14.2 seconds, $1,110; 2. Jason Stewart, 15.3, $919; 3. Tom Sorey, 16.2, $727; 4. Trey Wallace, 16.6, $536; 5. Matt Roberson, 17.6, $344; 6. Clay Long, 19.1, $191. Average: 1. Matt Roberson, 30.1 seconds on two head, $1,665; 2. Clay Long, 32.3, $1,378; 3. Tom Sorey, 32.4, $1,091; 4. Trey Wallace, 34.8, $804; 5. Roger Nonella, 14.2 on one head, $517; 6. Jason Stewart, 15.3, $287.

Bull riding: *1. Garrett Smith, 85 points on Four Star Rodeo's Westec, $3,325; 2. Wyatt Covington, 83.5, $2,579; 3. Ruger Piva, 80.5, $1,938; 4. Colby Demo, 79.5, $1,298; 5. Kaycee Rose, 76, $871; 6. Tanner Bradley, 66, $658; no other qualified rides. *(all totals include ground money).

Total payoff: $168,721. Stock contractor: Four Star Rodeo. Sub-contractor: Big Stone Rodeo Inc. Rodeo secretary: Edie Longfellow. Officials: Sean Culver, Bobby Davis and Terry Carlon. Announcer: Marty Campbell. Specialty act: Jason Risch. Bullfighters: Logan Blasdell, Erick Schwindt and Dave Murdoch. Clown/barrelman: J.J. Harrison. Flankman: Hadley Hopkins. Pickup men: Mitch Coleman and Jared Groene. Photographers: Bill Lawless and David Thomas. Music director: Jason Buchanan.

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