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There are a number of Central Oregon competitors who will take part in the OHRSA state finals in Prineville next month.

PMG FILE PHOTO - After placing first and third at the Burns Rodeo, Wyatt Wood of Prineville enters the OHSRA State Finals as the leader in the bareback riding event. Wood holds a slim one-point lead over Mason Stuller of Veneta.

There will be a lot on the line when the Oregon High School Rodeo Association State Finals come to Prineville June 8-11.

The top 20 cowboys and cowgirls in each event will compete in the finals, with the top four in the final standings qualifying for the national finals, which will be held July 17-23 in Gillette, Wyoming. In addition, athletes placing in fifth through 20th position are eligible to compete in the Silver State International Rodeo, which will be held June 30-July 7 in Winnemucca, Nevada.

The final regular-season OHSRA rodeo of the year was held May 13-14 in Burns. As expected, several members of the Tri-County Rodeo Club had outstanding performances in Burns, as did some other Central Oregon athletes.

Prineville's Wyatt Wood won the average in bareback riding, taking third in the first go-round with a score of 68, then coming back on Day Two to win the round with a score of 73. With the two high places, Wood enters the state finals with a one-point lead over Mason Stuller in the bareback competition.

Fossil's Clint Rutherford also had a solid bareback performance, winning the first go-round with a score of 70 and taking third in the second go-round with a score of 67.

The bareback competition at this year's state finals is expected to be the closest of all the events, with just 11 points separating the first five competitors heading into the finals. Rutherford is currently in fourth place, while Redmond's Cutter Kluser is in sixth.

Central Oregon riders also figured into the saddle bronc riding in Burns, with Rutherford placing third in the first go round of the event with a score of 60, while Powell Butte's Callen Whitaker finished in sixth place with a score of 53. However, neither rider placed on Day Two as Stuller won the average in the event after taking first in both go-rounds.

Heading into the state finals, Stuller has a small lead in the event over Scott Shane, while Rutherford is currently third in the event and Whitaker is fifth. Powell Butte's Justin England is sitting in seventh place in the standings heading into the state finals and still has an outside chance of qualifying for nationals.

Prineville's Ross McKinney also had a solid rodeo in Burns, winning the second go-round of bull riding with a score of 64. Trevor West won the average in Burns with a two-ride total of 123 points. McKinney enters the state finals in seventh place, but will have to make up a lot of ground if he hopes to qualify for nationals as he is currently 16 points out of fourth place. Wyatt Davis has a solid lead in the event and is expected to win the state title. Terrebonne's Cutter Woodard and Powell Butte's Parker Buchanan have also qualified for the state finals in 11th and 15th place, respectively.

Rutherford and Spray's Nathan Clark both placed in tie down roping, with Clark taking ninth place in the first go-round with a time of 23.13 while Rutherford was fifth in the second go-round in 14.91 seconds. Justin Reno won the average in Burns with a two-go-round time of 19.79.

PMG FILE PHOTO - Carter Boise of Spray enters the OHSRA State Finals in third place in steer wrestling and seventh in tie down roping. If he can make up some points in the latter event, he could qualify for the national finals in both.Heading into the state finals, Hanley Miller has a six-point lead over Cael Stratton in the event, while Reno is four points back in third place. Carter Boise of Spray is currently in seventh place, and he will need to make up some ground if he hopes to qualify for nationals. Clark is currently in 10th place in the event, while Paulina's Lucas Teskey is in 12th and Rutherford is 15th.

A number of Central Oregon cowboys did well in steer wrestling at Burns. Boise finished second in the first go-round of the event in 5.42 seconds, while Coy Mathiasen, who attends Crook County High School, was fifth in 7.44 seconds and Clark finished in sixth with a time of 14.46 seconds. Day Two saw Clark improve to second place with a time of 6.19 seconds. Cache Montgomery won the average in the event with a two-round total of 12.18 seconds.

Heading into the state finals, Blane Mahoney has a nine-point lead in the event, while Ty Taylor is second and Boise is in third place three points farther back. Clark is currently in sixth place in the standings, while Logan Roggenkamp of Bend is in seventh and Mathiasen is in eighth.

Team roping is another event that could be interesting to watch at this year's state finals, as several are in contention for the state championship in the event.

PMG FILE PHOTO - Laney Moore of Powell Butte (front) will join Brody Hatfield in the team roping competition at the OHSRA State Finals, held June 8-11 in Prineville. Moore also qualified for the finals in cutting and reined cowhorse.At Burns, Teskey and header Elsie Jonas took seventh in the first go­-round with a time of 12.80 seconds, while Cutter Marsh of Powell Butte and header Teegan Hill finished ninth in the second go round with a time of 18.51 seconds. Adam White and Ty Taylor won the average in the event with a two-go-round total of 13.69 seconds. White and Taylor have a slim five-point lead over the pairs of Tommy Jack Rose/Cody Siegner and Marcus Marriott/Reno. Also still in contention for the state title are Degan Patton and Parker Deal.

Powell Butte's Laney Moore and heeler Brody Hatfield along with Teskey and Jonas have also qualified for the finals in the event as has Cutter Wollard of Terrebonne and his roping partner, Jett Stewart.

Goat tying is the event with the most central Oregon athletes qualifying for the state finals, and as expected, a number of those cowgirls performed well in Burns. Redmond's Brook Blevins took first in the first go-round of the event with a time of 8.23 seconds, then came back to finish third on day two in a time of 7.86 seconds. That was good enough to win the average in the event with a two-run total time of 16.09 seconds. Culver's Sage Smith took second in the opening go-round with a time of 8.33 seconds, while Sisters' Bailey Knirk was third in 8.35 seconds. Adriene Steffen of Sisters took seventh in the first go-round and sixth in the second with times of 8.71 and 8.45, respectively, while Kaycee Kasch of Culver was ninth on day one with a time of 9.29 seconds. Bend's Zoey Miller finished ninth on day two with a time of 8.92 seconds, while Knirk finished 10th in the go round with a time of 9.05 seconds.

Faith Marshall enters the state finals with a one-point lead over Savannah Greenfield in the event, while Blevins is fifth, Steffen sixth and Cook Mecarte of Culver sits in seventh. Also making the state finals are Miller in 11th place, Knirk in 14th and Smith in 16th.

No Central Oregon cowgirls placed at Burns in barrel racing, although four have qualified for the state finals. Teegan Hill won the average at Burns with a two-run total of 35.652. Hill also holds a slim four-point lead over Greenfield in the standings heading into the state finals. Miller sits in fifth place, just two and a half points out of fourth place in the event, while Powell Butte's Ryann Mitchell is 15th, Knirk 17th and Steffen 20th heading into the finals.

Steffen was the lone Central Oregon cowgirl to place in pole bending at Burns, finishing third in the second go-round with a time of 20.996. Bayli Ladner won the average in the event with a combined time of 41.139 seconds.

Heading into the state finals, Lauryn Riney holds a 16 point lead over Alyson Terry in the event, while Steffen is in fifth place, but has the same number of total points as fourth place Cecilia Woodworth. Miller and Mitchell have also qualified for state in the event, sitting in 10th and 16th place, respectively.

Three central Oregon athletes placed in breakaway roping at Burns. Blevins finished in second place on Day One with a time of 2.98 seconds, while Jessica Bruised Head of Warms Springs was fifth on Day Two with a time of 3.36 seconds. Steffen finished ninth in the second go-round with a time of 3.89 seconds.

Ladner leads the event by a single point over Shealyn Harrison, while Steffen is in third place, just three and a half points back and Blevins is in fourth, just five and a half points behind.

Both boys and girls cutting were also contested at Burns with Powell Butte's Moore taking 10th in the first go-round with 62 points and ninth in the second go-round with 67 points. Halle Bergen won the average with a two go-round total of 143 points.

No Central Oregon boys placed at Burns in cutting. Steffen and Moore have both qualified for the state finals in the event in 10th and 12th place, while Bergen has a one point advantage over Olivia Davison in the battle for first place. Sam McCracken has a five point-advantage over Dysan Robb in boys cutting.

Although it was not contested in Burns, two local athletes have also qualified for state in reined cowhorse. Moore sits in fourth place and Steffen in sixth, while Anela Stewart is in first place in the event.

Tommy Jack Rose leads the boys rookie of the year as well as the boys all-around, while Ladner leads the girls rookie of the year and Greenfield leads the girls all-around.

The only event contested on Wednesday, June 8, at this year's state finals is cutting, which will be held in the indoor arena at 9 a.m.

Thursday, June 9, at 8 a.m. will be Round 1 of the reined cow horse finals. Then, at 11 a.m. in slack will be the first go-round of the timed events. That afternoon, the second go-round of reined cow horse will be held at 3 p.m. At 6 p.m. will be the second go-round of all timed events for individuals in 11th through 20th place in the standings, along with the first go-round of all rough stock events.

Friday, June 10, at 6 p.m. will be the second go-round of all rough stock events, as well as for first through 10th place in the timed events.

Then, Saturday afternoon, June 11, beginning at noon will be the short go-round, with just the top 10 in each event competing.

There is no charge to attend this year's state finals rodeo.

Burns Rodeo

May 13-14

First go round

Bareback riding — 1. Clint Rutherford, 70. 2. Tyrel Holmes, 69. 3. Wyatt Wood, 68. 4. Mason Stuller, 60. 5. Garrett Blackwell, 60.

Saddle bronc riding — 1. Shane Scott, 67. 2. Mason Stuller, 65. 3. Clint Rutherford, 60. 4. Brycen Martin, 60. 5. Jack Strong, 56. 6. Callen Whitaker, 53.

Bull Riding — 1. Trevor West, 65. 2. Wyatt Davis, 58.

Steer wrestling — 1. Tommy Jack Rose, 5.30. 2. Carter Boise, 5.42. 3. Ty Taylor, 5.48. 4. Cache Montgomery, 6.19. 5. Coy Mathiasen, 7.44. 6. Nathan Clark, 14.46.

Tie down roping — 1. Justin Reno, 9.33. 2. Cael Stratton, 10.05. 3. Tommy Jack Rose, 10.92. 4. Hanley Miller, 11.89. 5. Handy Lieuallen, 12.38. 6. Cody Siegner, 12.44. 7. Gator Goodrich, 13.15. 8. Brock Arntson, 19.16. 9. Nathan Clark, 23.13. 10. Crae Campbell, 26.16.

Team roping — 1. Adam White/Ty Taylor, 7.45. 2. Bayli Ladner/Hanley Miller, 7.86. 3. Connor Talbott/G.W. Neathery, 9.16. 4. Savannah Greenfield/Tipton Jones, 9.36. 5. Tommy Jack Rose/Cody Siegner, 11.64. 6. Macey Moore/Colton Clark, 12.47. 7. Elsie Jonas/Lucas Teskey, 12.80. 8. Brock Arntson/Handy Lieuallen, 13.03. 9. Emilie Henson/Teagan Towell, 13.85. 10. Claye Ayres/Shane Scott, 15.39.

Barrel racing — 1. Savannah Greenfield, 17.568. 2. Teegan Hill, 17.840. 3. Madison Malcolm, 17.875. 4. Gracie Garthwaite, 17.910. 5. Dani Clark, 17.959. 6. Lauryn Riney, 17.961. 7. Joelle Mattox, 18.020. 8. Georgia Lieuallen, 18.027. 9. Alyson Terry, 18.070. 10. Hailey Saeman, 18.120.

Pole bending — 1. Bayli Ladner, 20.165. 2. Teegan Hill, 20.636. 3. Lauryn Riney, 20.745. 4. Georgia Lieuallen, 20.793. 5. Cecilia Woodworth, 20.822. 6. Alyson Terry, 21.030. 7. Payton Johnson, 21.434. 8. Cidney Estes, 21.527. 9. Shayn Miller, 21.686. 10. Madison Duarte, 22.113.

Breakaway roping — 1. Bayli Ladner, 2.72. 2. Brooke Blevins, 2.98. 3. Josie Taylor, 3.23. 4. Kenna Stratton, 3.27. 5. Teegan Hill, 3.34. 6. Cidney Estes, 3.37. 7. Teagan Towell, 3.97. 8. Savannah Greenfield, 3.97. 9. Rikki Baldwin, 4.81. 10. Madison Duarte, 4.90.

Goat tying — 1. Brooke Blevins, 8.23. 2. Sage Smith, 8.33. 3. Bailey Knirk, 8.35. 4. Dani Clark, 8.50. 5. Bayli Ladner, 8.55. 6. Mattie Gaynor, 8.66. 7. Adriene Steffen, 8.71. 8. Taylor Hack, 8.88. 9. Kaycee Kasch, 9.29. 10. Katie Ayres, 9.31.

Girls cutting — 1. Halle Bergen, 72.5. 2. Frances Fancher, 72. 3. Addison Klementis, 71.5. 4. Bayli Ladner, 71. 5. Layla Knight, 71. 6. Madison Duarte, 69. 7. Payton Johnson, 69. 8. Olivia Davison, 68. 9. Winter Smith, 64.5. 10. Laney Moore, 62.

Boys cutting — 1. Sam McCracken, 72. 2. Dysan Robb, 71.5. 3. Clark Norton, 66.

Second go round

Bareback riding — 1. Wyatt Wood, 73. 2. Garrett Blackwell, 67. 3. Clint Rutherford, 67.

Saddle bronc riding — 1. Mason Stuller, 73. 2. Shane Scott, 73. 3. Brycen Martin, 60.

Bull riding — 1. Ross Mckinney, 64. 2. Wyatt Davis, 64. 3. Tanner Griffith, 63. 4. Shane Scott, 62. 5. Chris Alber, 60. 6. Trevor West, 58.

Steer wrestling — 1. Cache Montgomery, 5.99. 2. Nathan Clark, 6.19. 3. Blane Mahoney, 11.34. 4. Kade Wilkins, 13.83. 5. Tommy Jack Rose, 15.44.

Tie down roping — 1. Tommy Jack Rose, 9.87. 2. Cael Stratton, 9.95. 3. Justin Reno, 10.46. 4. Gator Goodrich, 13.92. 5. Clint Rutherford, 14.91. 6. Handy Lieuallen, 15.99. 7. Brock Arntson, 16.67. 8. Cody Signer, 16.87. 9. Hanley Miller, 18.42. 10. Parker Deal, 22.47.

Team roping — 1. Adam White/Ty Taylor, 6.24. 2. Degan Patton/Parker Deal, 7.10. 3. Addi Arnzen/Bryce Williams, 7.84. 4. Crae Campbell/Cidney Estes, 8.29. 5. Savannah Greenfield/Tipton Jones, 8.53. 6. Payton Johnson/Tate Sword, 8.58. 7. Dani Clark/Cael Stratton, 12.67. 8. Claye Ayres/Schane Scott, 14.22. 9. Teegan Hill/Cutter Mrsh, 18.51. 10. Marcus Marriott/Justin reno, 19.45.

Barrell racing — 1. Teegan Hill, 17.812. 2. Cassidy Clark, 17.910. 3. Georgia Lieuallen, 17.924. 4. Dani Clark, 17.993. 5. Katie Ayres, 18.027. 6. Gracie Garthwaite, 18.038. 7. Madison Malcolm, 18.056. 8. Payton Johnson, 18.074. 9. Molly May, 18.078. 10. Bailey McCracken, 18.097.

Pole bending — 1. Lauryn Riney, 20.764. 2. Bayli Ladner, 20.974. 3. Adriene Steffen, 20.996. 4. Faith Marshall, 21.013. 5. Katie Ayres, 21.092. 6. Teegan Hill, 21.109. 7. Payton Johnson, 21.138. 8. Alyson Terry, 21.323. 9. Cidney Estes, 21.353. 10. Shayn Miller, 21.731.

Breakaway roping — 1. Skylar Jersey, 2.99. 2. Cidney Estes, 3.17. 3. Dani Clark, 3.31. 4. Savannah Greenfield, 3.34. 5. Jessica Bruised Head, 3.36. 6. Gracie Garthwaite, 3.39. 7. Shealyn Harrison, 3.74. 8. Camryn Eaton, 3.85. 9. Adriene Steffen, 3.89. 10. Rikki Baldwin, 3.90.

Goat tying — 1. Savannah Greenfield, 7.19. 2. Kenna Stratton, 7.76. 3. Brooke Blevins, 7.86. 4. Gracie Gartwaite, 8.34. 5. Katie Ayres, 8.35. 6. Adriene Steffen, 8.45. 7. Sarah Maegeli, 8.46. 8. Teegan Hill, 8.81. 9. Zoey Miller, 8.92. 10. Bailey Knirk, 9.05.

Girls cutting — 1. Halle Bergen, 74. 2. Bayli Ladner, 72.5. 3. Oivia Davison, 72. 3. Olivia Davison, 72. 4. Layla Knight, 71.5. 5. Frances Fancher, 71. 6. Madison Duarte, 71. 7. Addison Klementis, 70. 8. Winter Smith, 69. 9. Laney Moore, 67. 10. Payton Johnson, 65.

Boys cutting — 1. Sam McCracken, 71. 2. Clark Norton, 70. 3. Dyson Robb, 66.

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