Cynthia Barr says, 'We are family' with new care home
by: vern uyetake Cynthia Barr is excited about her new care home in Lake Oswego. It offers beautiful scenic views and much more.

Cynthia Barr likes being a hostess so much that now she plans to be one all the time.

As in 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Barr, along with her husband Phil, has converted her lovely Lake Oswego home into Riverview Adult Care Home. She can take up to five residents, and she promises to take the very best care of them.

Her message is: 'You are part of our family.'

Any owner of a care facility can claim to offer 'family' level care, but by meeting Barr you can truly believe it. Warm, eager, lovely, energetic, thorough; every family should have a member like Cynthia Barr.

'We will offer very individualized care,' Barr said. 'People want to be in a home environment, and here they'll be our extended family. We like hospitality.'

Barr and her husband have lived in their home on Upper Cherry Lane for 14 years 'and loved it.' But now they want to share it with senior citizens, and the reasons go way back. Back to her 'adopted grandmother.'

'Mary Jo was so active and so interesting,' Barr said. 'She went to every family event, every baptism, birth, communion, every major event in our lives.

'When we went looking for a place for her to live, the care was not what we wanted. She was extremely independent, caring, loving, she loved people. We couldn't see anyone taking care of her but us.'

Barr says she was also very blessed by her husband's mother and by having worked in a nursing home. She became remarkably elder friendly.

'It was inspiring to be around people who have led such full lives,' Barr said. 'They have much more life to live and so many great lessons we can learn from them. It is so wonderful to be with them.'

Barr wants to be wonderful to them in return with her new care home. Just for starters, her home is beautiful and spacious, offers breathtaking views of the big valley below, and it is loaded with amenities, like hardwood floors, a very large fireplace (good for movie nights) and a piano (good for concerts). One of the bathrooms is as large as some homes, and in it Barr will be offering massages once a week.

On the medical side, Barr says she has had much experience dealing with pulmonary care, diabetes and cancer, and she will have two substitute caregivers who also are well experienced in medical problems that often plague senior citizens.

It is in the menu for her residents that perhaps best reflects Barr's painstaking efforts to please them. Each one will receive a checklist of food likes/dislikes. Say you don't like broccoli? Don't worry, there are over a dozen other vegetables available. The same thing goes for any other food category.

'Nutrition matters.' Barr said. 'We'll see how much salt is allowed in their diets. We use only fresh fruit and vegetables, no canned food. We'll know exactly what goes into meals. A happy life gives you energy.'

Another fine feature is 'The Residents' Bill of Rights.' The top one states: 'Be treated as an adult with respect and dignity.'

Barr's dear friend Mary Jo has passed on. But Barr knows she would have greatly approved of Riverview Adult Care Home.

'I'll be so excited to get our first resident!' Barr said.

For more information or to arrange a tour of Riverview Adult Care Home, call Cynthia Barr at 503-699-3604.

The home is located at 17555 Upper Cherry Lane in Lake Oswego.

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