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Local mixed martial arts fighter has a TV bout in new league
by: Jim Clark, Matt Lindland of Team Quest Fight Club in Gresham will face Quinton Jackson in a televised bout at the Forum in Los Angeles (file photo).

Who needs the Ultimate Fighting Championship? Not Matt Lindland.

The UFC, the most recognized mixed martial arts organization in the United States, dropped Lindland from his contract last year.

Since then, Lindland, the co-owner of Team Quest Fight Club in Gresham and noted fighter and former Olympic wrestler, has signed on to be part of two new ventures in mixed martial arts.

He will be facing Quinton Jackson in the main event of the World Fighting Alliance 'King of the Streets' show Saturday at the Forum in Los Angeles. Lindland says he is set to make $70,000 for the fight.

'A lot better payday than in the UFC. There's life after the UFC, for sure,' says Lindland, whose longtime Team Quest partner, Randy Couture, became an all-time UFC legend. 'There are good backers behind it.'

Jackson has a win over UFC champ Chuck Liddell on his résumé. 'He's a tough kid,' Lindland says. The ex-wrestler's strategy: 'I'll put him in a clench and wear him down. Move him and push him and take him in the third (round) by submission or ground-and-pound. If I impose my strategy, he won't be able to handle it.'

Lindland says he has fought for various organizations three times in the recent past, defeating Mike Van Arsdale in his last fight in April. He often has touted himself as one of the best fighters in the MMA business and lamented that the UFC never gave him a title shot.

Fans can order the fight pay-per-view through Dish Network (satellite) or In Demand (cable), according to the WFA's Web site.

Lindland and Couture also will put on another Sportfight event Aug. 5 in the Rose Garden. The Sportfight events showcase mostly local talent, including some amateurs.

But the most interesting mixed martial arts show coming up will be the International Fight League event, Sept. 9 at Memorial Coliseum. It's a new concept, with teams of fighters competing in weight classes from lightweight to heavyweight.

Lindland's Portland Wolf Pack will take on Maurice Smith's Seattle Tiger Sharks, and Antonio Inoki's Tokyo Sabres will face Bas Rutten's Los Angeles Anacondas.

Two IFL shows already have been held at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., with apparent success.

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