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MAX MUSCLE - Larry WilcoxEvery metabolic function that takes place in our bodies involves Protein. Most people get nowhere near enough!

One of the main reasons for our inability to intake adequate amounts of protein every day is the time it takes to prepare, not to mention the cost. These are the two main reasons I suggest to all my customers to have two jugs of protein in the cupboard.

One is a multi-whey protein that I put in my oatmeal every morning. The second is a low-carb meal replacement. I have found in my 12 years owning Max Muscle stores that if we screw up, it's usually our mid-afternoon snack. We either get busy and rationalize that we don't have time, or we are just too lazy to have something prepared.

This is where putting 1-2 scoops of a meal replacement in 8 oz of cold water can come in handy. It will continue to control our blood sugar, keep our metabolism running at a higher rate, and keep our nitrogen levels elevated. Protein is 16% nitrogen, so if we take in adequate amounts of protein every 3-4 hours our nitrogen balance stays positive, which in turn keeps us in an Anabolic state, maintaining and building muscle.

For anyone who is curious about how easy it can be to eat the way we all should and needs a program developed, stop in to Max Muscle in Oregon City and I will make you a sample of our protein and share with you my program. It will change your life!

When are you gonna stop putting off feeling good?

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