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Every senior living community is concerned with the wellness of its residents. Prestige Care and Homewood Heights stand out because we go beyond excellent nursing care and treating illnesses as they arise-we are choosing to be proactive! We have developed a tailored exercise program designed to help reduce the risk of falls and the injuries that too often accompany them. Our two class levels meet twice a week, each geared toward a different exercise ability. The exercises focus on muscle groups responsible for walking and balance. The exercises are able to be modified to meet the various need. We meet Mondays and Thursdays at 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. in the Activity Room with resistance bands and exercise balls to strengthen muscles and bones. The first class is seated and the second class utilizes chair and standing exercises.

Brain health is important to us here at Homewood Heights. Research shows that the right kind of cognitive stimulation can increase the brain's ability to focus and recall, while decreasing memory care for certain residents. We now offer two cognitive stimulation classes. We use games that target the frontal lobe of the brain's sustained attention, inhibition, problem solving, working memory, problem solving, the parietal lobe's integration of sensory inputs, and the temporal lobe's image perception. Games can be group or individual- we also use an amazing computer program called Linked Senior. Word games and number games, puzzle games and group activity games- homework is given for continued brain challenges.

We hope you will check out these incredible programs and stop by to meet Nicole Livingstone, our resident wellness coach.

Prestige Senior Living Homewood Heights

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