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Wouldn't you like to extend the life of your computer and insure that it is working to its top performance capabilities?

We all understand the importance of changing the oil in our cars and the filters in our furnaces-your computer is equally important, especially, if used frequently. Being proactive with your computer maintenance can prevent costly future problems.

At Nerdstogo, we recommend that your computer is serviced twice yearly. We will update your anti-virus protection and any applications, uninstall unused programs, and analyze the performance of your computer to make certain it is working as designed.

As of January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Let us help update your computer to Windows 10, the latest operating system.

We will come to you, to help you with your computer needs. We offer an in-store service plan for $149 along with a $20 monthly fee, which provides your computer maintenance, classes, and trouble-shooting. We understand that your time is valuable-let Nerdstogo take care of all of your computing needs by performing the maintenance that your computer needs. Together, we can work to keep your computer working at its top-performance abilities.

Call Nerdstogo today to schedule an appointment for your computer. We offer more than just computer repair. Check out us out on [email protected] to learn more about the classes we offer.


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