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What are parental controls?

Parental controls are limiting settings on various electronics like phones, computers, and tablets. You can control which websites your child can and cannot see; moreover, kids can accidentally stumble upon various websites of ill-repute. Parental controls can stop those accidents. Visit to set up parental controls.

How old should my child be for social media apps?

If you look at most social media apps, such as Facebook and Snapchat, the minimum age for a user is 13 years old. But, only you can decide if you want your child to have the access to social media. According to, 41% of kids have experienced cyber-bullying. Furthermore, 81% of kids feel that cyber-bullying have few consequence. If your child does have a social media life, try to mitigate their exposure by only allowing approved friends to interact with. Make certain that you have access to their social media accounts, too. And be aware that there are private message boards imbedded in all social media apps. Some social media apps even cloak their logo to 'fool' parents into thinking the app is something else, like a study app.

Are there parental controls for YouTube?

YES! Kids nowadays are interested in the vast array of video games; not only do they watch the games, but they watch 'gamers' play. Knowing that your child is watching age-appropriate videos will give you piece of mind. And lastly, new games like Fortnite also have parental controls so you can select who your child is playing against and the amount of violence that they are able to watch. Please contact Nerdstogo to learn more about setting up parental controls.


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