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According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, one-third of adults over 65 years old fall each year many resulting in emergency room visits. Taking some simple precautions can help you prevent accidental falls and keep you out of the emergency room. The threat of breaking a bone from a fall is common for seniors, and the healing time is slow and difficult, especially if living alone.

-Medications that cause dizziness, fatigue, or affect your memory can contribute to the likelihood of falling. Have your doctor review your medications to prevent balance problems.

-Keep fit! Consistent physical activity, such as walking, yoga, tai chi, or stretching improve muscle strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

-Remove home hazards-too much furniture or debris that impede walkways contribute to falls. Repair flooring, keep walkways clear, and store necessities within reach.

-Turn on the lights. A well-lit home is safer for seniors, for both security and the ability to see while walking.

At Prestige Care Homewood Heights, we care about your safety. To improve your strength and flexibility, we offer our customized Energize Exercise & Fall Reduction Program to improve balance and improve strength through exercise classes which includes a personal assessment to measure your progress.

And, if you should ever fall and need assistance to recover, consider a short-term retreat stay at our home to get you back on your feet.

Call Prestige Care Homewood Heights today for a tour-we look forward to showing you how your golden years can shine.

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