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Like music, reading is one of life's great pleasures. People read to learn or to escape; the simple ritual of opening a book to transport ourselves into another time and place is enjoyable. But there is more to reading than just an interesting story: according to a recent study from the Mayo Clinic, middle-aged people who read consistently are less likely to develop cognitive loss. It's true, reading makes you smarter!

The benefits of reading vary from improving memory recall to expanding one's vocabulary to improving focus and concentration, plus, reading provides a sense of tranquility. Reading also helps curb stress through relaxation. And for many seniors, reading about bygone days in an era they remembered evokes their own memories which can be comforting. Think of the possibilities, with millions of books in print, readers can take a trip to the moon or visit the Wild West in a gunslinger western, learn about the branches of government or explore the wilds of an African safari. Whatever your interest, there is something for everyone.

And for seniors with eyesight problems, there are numerous options. Large print books, books with enlarged text on e-readers, and audio books on compact disc or down-loadable.

We believe that reading can be an enjoyable benefit to many seniors. We offer book clubs and a library for our residents. Moreover, we offer bus services to various places around town, including the city library. Come into Prestige Care today and see how your Golden Years can shine!

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