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This article brought to you courtesy of Melody Webb of Homewood Heights Assisted Living, Clackamas Review Insider Senior Living Expert.

Melody Webb

Did you know that one in four individuals age 65 and older fall every year? A common misconception is that falling is a natural part of getting older. But just because falls become more common as we age does not mean that they aren't preventable. Let's review some top tips for decreasing fall risk and improving your quality of life.

Get more exercise: Regular exercise is a key factor in decreasing fall risk. Keeping up on exercise improves balance, strength and flexibility; greatly reducing your chance of falling and suffering a serious injury.

Take your time: As you move through the day, it is very easy to become distracted and get tired. Before you stand up from a seated position or begin walking, take a few moments to center your thinking and give your body the time it needs to perform.

Review your environment: Throw rugs, liquids, cords, wires and objects in your pathway can increase your chances of falling. Try your best to remove these items from your frequented routes, and if you feel you can't move these items on your own, be sure to ask for help.

Talk with your doctor: Your doctor will be able to review the side effects of prescribed medications and discuss any interactions that may cause dizziness. Your doctor may also be able to provide additional fall prevention methods specific to your needs.

Throughout the months of March and April, HYPERLINK "" Homewood Heights Assisted Living Community will be conducting free fall risk assessments. Call (503) 659-6600 to learn more and to schedule your assessment today.

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