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If you were to poll staff and residents at every Senior Care Community, I am sure you would get the same answer regarding whether they were wanting to face the tasks surrounding a Global pandemic. It is daunting, and challenging. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, River Terrace Memory Care was pro-active in setting some important changes in-motion. Our priority was to protect our residents and still give them the quality of life they deserve. On every level of care River Terrace had to face some major changes. Our staff was up to the task, as we quickly shifted our planning to "think outside the box" at a time where the new norms of quarantining and distancing kept us within very specific lines of a different "box".

With our doors quickly closing to the public, one task we needed to accomplish right away was that of keeping up contact with the outside world, without being able to truly stand face-to-face with people outside walls. We immediately developed our virtual visits programs, putting smart phones and tablets to the tasks of Zoom visits and tours. We made sure that residents could keep up with family members, and even their doctors, with virtual chat sessions. We even gave virtual tours to prospective residents. Our beloved musical performers jumped on-board the "virtual train" and played for residents and residents have been playing virtual games with their families. If any benefits can be gleaned from this pandemic, it is certainly opening our eyes up to modern adaptations that will ultimately be used beyond the timeline of our current necessity.

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