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River Terrace Memory Care

For folks with dementia, every day can look the same, but a birthday celebration can be fun and make your loved one feel special.

A birthday celebration with a loved one who has dementia will look and feel different than in the past. Your senior may not seem to be present and if that's the reality of your situation, celebrating a birthday or other holiday can still bring a sense of purpose and nostalgia to your own life. Even small celebrations are worth having and can add interest and meaning to life.

Before the party ask your parent how old they think they are. Don't insist on an 80 on the cake when Dad thinks he's 60, just leave the candles and age off entirely.

Don't set unrealistic expectations for your senior to perform a certain way. They may not have any idea you're celebrating a birthday or get distracted and step away. Be flexible and enjoy the occasion anyway. It's still an opportunity for kids and grandkids to enjoy the time they get with their loved one.

If it's becoming too challenging to give your loved one the type of care they need and deserve, it may be time to consider a safe, alternative place where they can live. River Terrace Memory Care is committed to providing exceptional care to seniors. We'd love to care for your loved ones, so you have more to give him or her during their birthdays and every other day.

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