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This article brought to you courtesy of River Terrace Memory Care, Clackamas Review Insider Senior Living Expert.

River Terrace Memory Care

According to 6.2 million seniors over the age of 65 suffer from various stages of dementia. Dementia is a disease that affects everyone differently. Dementia can cause behavioral issues but remember, your loved one isn't acting out because they want to, it is the disease. Dementia is a condition, not a choice. It is critical to have the right mindset with responding to them. Having patience and empathy is paramount even in the most challenging situations. The following strategies can help in responding to dementia.

Simple language and nonverbal gestures are best because the person may struggle to process what your saying. Avoid judgement or criticism even when they are doing something wrong. Choose your words and tone carefully. A neutral tone, eye contact, and a smile can provide feelings of comfort and acceptance. It is important to listen. Many times, you can diffuse tension by listening rather than interrupting or stopping them while they are talking.

Allow your loved one plenty of personal space while you calmly attempt to help. Dementia can cause some to struggle with their emotions, but heightened levels of anger could indicate they are struggling with physical pain, frustration, reaction to medications, or an unfamiliar environment.

If you have a loved one dealing with dementia, River Terrace Memory Care offers a residential living facility specifically for those experiencing memory loss. In this caring environment, individuals find companionship, brain-building activities, security, and life enrichment activities as they continue their journey through the illness.

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