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This article brought to you courtesy of River Terrace Memory Care, Clackamas Review Insider Senior Living Expert.

River Terrace Memory Care

Memory care is for those with dementia. Dementia is memory loss and cognitive decline in problem-solving, language, and thinking ability that interfere with daily life. Symptoms include short-term memory loss, trouble losing things, confusion when out and struggling to remember appointments or bills. Dementia is progressive, so it will appear gradually and become more severe over time. Memory problems can be associated with medications, thyroid problems or excessive drug or alcohol use. There are new drug treatments that may improve symptoms temporarily or slow the progression. Memory care is another form of therapy to help those with dementia, providing a safer environment and lower stress environment.

Instead of struggling to help your loved one's dementia, memory care facilities can provide highly specialized and supportive care 24/7. The caregivers and support staff receive specialized training beyond simply assisting with daily activities, making them uniquely qualified in memory loss and cognitive decline. 

You need confidence in the community where your loved one will be staying, and at River Terrace Memory Care we are committed to providing the highest levels of care for your family member. Our programs provide ways to enrich senior's lives and keep their minds engaged. We display the same compassion and tenderness as you would at home. Our caregivers work to provide peace, pleasure, and purpose to their lives.

You can count on knowing that your loved one is safe and cared for at River Terrace Memory Care.

River Terrace Memory Care

950 South End Road

Oregon city, OR 97045


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