David Frasher, city manager of Oregon City, announced this month that Mireya McIlveen has been appointed to serve as Oregon City’s new assistant finance director.

“An important directive for the Finance Department is to provide useful and timely information for our citizens,” said Wyatt Parno, finance director. “Mireya is very experienced and will help us achieve that and several other important goals.”

Joining Oregon City this month, McIlveen had served as finance director for the Village of Wellington, Fla., since 2005 and recently moved her family to Oregon.

McIlveen has an extensive background in auditing and consulting for municipal agencies. She is a licensed CPA and holds bachelor of science degrees in accounting and history from Florida Atlantic University.

Marketing coordinator

This month, Main Street Oregon City Inc. hired Ethan Erickson to fill a new staff position at the nonprofit tasked with revitalizing 166-year-old downtown Oregon City as a modern marketplace.

As MSOC’s marketing and promotions coordinator, Erickson will work with downtown business owners and other area partners to develop programs and projects that showcase the unique assets and character of downtown Oregon City.

According to Director Lloyd Purdy, Erickson rose to the top of the candidate search as one of 40 applicants from around the country who applied for this position.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities in downtown Oregon City,” said Erickson. “This downtown has a great story to tell, and I’m ready to help share that story with residents and visitors.”

MSOC’s budget was reduced last year through the tax structure that was eventually favored by downtown businesses. Reduced to a four-year span, the Economic Improvement District will generate less than $99,000 annually, down from the $135,000 hoped for.

But Purdy said that funding for the coordinator position was achieved through “fundraising and good financial management, as well as prioritizing what investments in resource make the best impact for downtown.”

Erickson grew up in Portland as a fourth-generation Oregonian, studied human communications at Southern Oregon University, and focused his graduate work on nonprofit management and community planning at the University of Oregon.

Erickson has six years of professional experience working around the state. Communication, collaboration, creativity and place-making are all areas of expertise he looks forward to working on with downtown stakeholders and partners in the community.

“Ethan adds a very helpful skill set to our operation,” said Purdy. “He has experience gathering the right people to the table in order to make good projects happen.”

Purdy said Erickson will use his expertise to build partnerships between downtown stakeholders and with other organizations around Oregon City.

Over the past four years, more than 45 new businesses have come in the wake of millions of dollars invested in infrastructure and property renovations.

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