Milwaukie is updating its long-term Transportation System Plan and is asking citizens for input on public investment priorities in the local pedestrian, bicycle, public-transit, freight and street network.

In identifying and prioritizing transportation needs, plans also relate to neighborhood traffic management and downtown parking. Since it was completely overhauled in 2007, city planners say the current plan is fundamentally sound, but it needs an update to remain consistent with Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan by Dec. 31.

City officials are asking whether the 2007 priorities still accurately target the most important projects, and whether there are any important projects not listed. Citizens will have the opportunity to rank their top-10 projects to tell City Council which ones it should actively seek funding for during the next few years. Also, officials wonder whether citizens can suggest any next steps for moving forward on specific transportation issues, such as doing further study or making concept plans.

On Monday, June 3, a public meeting to discuss transportation plans takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Milwaukie Christian Church, 5197 S.E. King Road. Materials for public involvement, including a worksheet for topics to be discussed, is at